Insect Control – Cyonara

Peonies – Fall and Winter Care and Dividing

A few words on where to plant peonies in your yard, fall and winter care, and dividing peonies. I like the bubblegum pinks, myself!

How to Grow Juicy Organic Tomatoes

Growing organic tomatoes can be very rewarding and easy! There is only one major downside to this method – insects. Because we won’t use any pesticides the plant will be more vulnerable to their activity.

Growing Bonsai

Bonsai is widely accepted as an art form. However, unlike a piece of sculpture, these miniature plants are in a constant state of change, with energy and vitality.

Nine Container Gardening Tips For City Dwellers

Container gardening is one of my favorite past times during the summer months. I really enjoy the greenery, color and scent of fresh flowers. Here’s a few basic tips to make one for your own balcony or yard this summer.

A Home-Made Urban Compost Bin

I live in a city row-home with limited back yard space. I love to garden and wanted to find an inexpensive compost maker. After a long search I came upon directions to make a nifty homemade one.

Redwood Garden Bridges – Functionality and Style

The home is one place where we not only want to have the space to unwind and relax but it should also be a good place for inspiration. In the fast-paced life that most of us lead nowadays, the home can sadly become simply a place where we spend time between work and other responsibilities. However, having a home that can provide us with the sanctuary that we seek can be much easier than what we are used to.

Organic Gardening – A Giant Step Towards Healing Our Planet

Some years ago organic gardeners were considered to be crazy people who hugged their trees and spoke to their plants. Today there is a very different attitude to organic gardening. People are more aware of the environment and organic gardening is no longer a fad – it has become mainstream. People flock to organic markets to buy fresh organically grown fruit and vegetables, natural honey and free-range eggs. Anything organically grown fetches a higher price.

What is Lebanese Cress?

Lebanese Cress is an attractive, fern-like perennial herb which is very easy to grow. This plant enjoys moist conditions and semi-shade, especially through the summer season. It can grow to about 15cm (6 inches) tall in really good conditions and will quickly spread along the ground, putting down roots where it’s nodes touch the ground. It makes an attractive ground cover and is delicious in a toss salad, sandwiches or as a garnish.

Grow Your Own – A Family Affair

I’m a little late getting back from dropping my youngest daughter off at nursery today, because I spent the morning helping her friends discover the lost art of growing your own. In fact if any single thing represents the core values of Frugal Family, it is this one. Whether you have acres of backyard to plant or simply a small window sill, growing your own fruits and vegetables encourages you to spend more time with your family, saves you money at the grocery store, is very environmentally friendly and makes healthy eating easier.

Get the Most Out of Your Topsy Turvy Upside Down Tomato Planter With These Three Tips

If you follow these tips when using your Topsy Turvy Upside Down Tomato Planter you will not only have a thriving vegetable crop but you will save yourself some serious frustration. The tomato planter is a great investment if you want to have more crops in less space and they work fine just as they are but with just a few little tweaks you can have a thriving crop with less work.

A Better Weekend Gardening Experience

If your garden is taking up more time than you had anticipated, you need to evaluate what has to be changed to give you the time to care for it on weekends. To have a better gardening experience, you will need to get rid of flowers or plants that demand too much time, water or special care.

Six Styling Tips For Your Fresh Cut Flowers

Fresh cut flowers will bring spring right into your home. Purchased at the grocery store, they price is reasonable, especially if you know how to make them last.

Eight Tips to Get Your Kids to Enjoy Home Gardening

Little kids love to try new things and get dirty. So what better time is there to introduce them to home gardening? If you make it fun for them, they will love gardening for the rest of their lives.

A Beginner’s Guide to Garden Bridges

Garden bridges can make a dramatic focal point in your garden. A small pond or rock garden can turn into a work of art with a small arched bridge over it. You can make your yard look formal, or tranquilly Japanese, or even country, depending on the style of bridge you choose.

A Classic Southern Beauty Now Blooms in the North

Hydrangea flowers were once considered to be found only in the South, but this classic beauty no blooms in the North as well. They grow from early spring to late autumn, in flowerheads at the end of each stem.

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