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In the seven months given that I started this e-newsletter, I’ve acquired hundreds of email messages from visitors. These have led to some in-depth correspondences with all types of folks who have pushed my wondering in significant ways. Right now I want to thank everyone who has created in and reply to some email messages publicly, which I’ll consider to do considerably frequently. I have normally envisioned this e-newsletter as a dialogue involving you and me, so if you have any issues or ideas or even just endless praise, be sure to write to me at

The very first e-mail comes from a reader named Ramon, who despatched in a reaction to a piece I wrote last week about the potential slums of California:

The difficulty of homelessness is not new nor is it arcane to the U.S.A. At the incredibly root of the challenge is the affordability of long-lasting housing as properly as its availability. Many towns have been in a position to lick the dilemma by furnishing low-priced (reasonably priced) housing funding plans that intention to tackle the economical weak spot of people at most hazard of remaining homeless. In Singapore, the Housing Development Board (H.D.B.) acts like a provident fund which collects money from all sectors of the population and presents obtain to inexpensive housing (which involves construction of and promoting housing models). It is socialized. Not a personal initiative. In the United States although, mere mention of community housing receives a label of socialism and is hence evil.

Housing, particularly in California, is pricey. Even the gainfully employed and monetarily astute are acquiring issues producing mortgage loan payments. It does not assist any that curiosity premiums are about to start out growing and for what seems to be a very extended time. Inflation is serious and it is substantial time for the federal government of the wealthiest country of the planet to do more for those people most vulnerable.

This is the only feasible lengthy term remedy.

Hi, Ramon,

Your take note touches on 1 of the core dilemmas of the housing disaster in California. There is just about no political hunger to develop general public housing. Even models that have been accepted and have had land ordered for their development sit in a point out of limbo due to the fact of a genuinely byzantine allow and funding method that helps make it difficult to place a shovel in the floor. (I endorse examining this NBC Bay Area investigation into this problem.) There are tons of motives politicians are hesitant to get in touch with for much more general public housing — it is high-priced and owners do not want it any where in close proximity to them.

Moreover, the phrase “public housing” evokes spots like Pruitt-Igoe in St. Louis, a 33-tower complex that lasted only about 20 a long time prior to it was demolished. There is also the notorious Cabrini Inexperienced in Chicago, which has develop into the avatar for countless narratives of poverty and criminal offense. Provided all this, general public housing is a tough promote for politicians, and as a final result, we’ve observed the variety of units throughout the nation decline more than the earlier 30 or so many years.

This sites housing activists, policymakers and politicians in a little bit of a bind. For all those of us who imagine there requires to be additional community housing (this contains me), really should we genuinely sink all of our attempts into a aim that could possibly ultimately be unattainable? Or ought to we be part of forces with additional market-pushed thinkers who simply want to create more housing, period, in the hopes that a much larger provide of total housing will lead to an total lower in rents?

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