I’m a gardening pro, here’s how to prevent pet dog wee ruining your grass

Puppies can ruin your garden garden by digging and ripping it to shreds – but most destruction will come from their urine. 

An pro has revealed how you can avoid your pooch’s pee from destroying your grass and developing yellow patches this summer season. 

Experts have revealed how to prevent your dog's urine from ruining your lawn this summer


Specialists have uncovered how to avoid your dog’s urine from ruining your lawn this summer timeCredit rating: Getty

Doggy urine is loaded in nitrogen, which is acknowledged to destroy grass when concentrated amounts collect on the floor about time. 

Whilst nitrogen is beneficial for your grass – it is the main ingredient in most frequent fertilisers – also a lot of a fantastic factor can be lousy for your garden.

The degree of nitrogen found in your dog’s urine can rely on a couple of different things, like breed, gender and what it eats on a day-to-day basis. 

Greater breeds will often pee a lot more, hence leading to extra problems. 

Feminine canines are inclined to result in additional destruction than male pet dogs, this has to do with the way in which they urinate. 

It really is simply due to the fact when they squat, the urine collects in a single location, though male canine spray all more than. 

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom, as the authorities at tails.com have shared their top rated guidelines to assist prevent doggy urine from destroying your grass…

1. Dilute the nitrogen with water 

When nitrogen is diluted it can act as a kind of fertiliser for your grass, but in your dog’s urine, it’s as well concentrated and can have an adverse effect. 

Following your doggy has urinated, pour water on the area, this will aid to dilute the nitrogen within just the urine and reduce the problems triggered to the lawn by protecting against the grass and soil from soaking up way too significantly nitrogen.  

2. Create a selected toilet area 

To minimise the hurt caused by puppy urine, check out encouraging your dog to urinate in the same position each individual time. 

Place your doggy on its direct, take them to a certain portion of your back garden and encourage them to do their small business there – this can be an place with stones or compost that will not be ruined with urine. 

You can set up the cue by worthwhile your canine with a deal with suitable following they have urinated in the designated place. 

3. Persuade your pet to consume far more water 

It is critical that you motivate your pet dog to consume a good deal of water during the working day. 

It goes devoid of stating that ensuring your pet is hydrated is the very best way to continue to keep them wholesome. 

By consuming much more h2o, your dog’s urine will dilute meaning there is less possibility of your grass struggling from nitrogen burn and discolouration. 

4. Discover a resistant grass 

If you want to preserve your grass searching fresh for spring and summer then there are loads of distinctive styles of grass offered that are much less sensitive to pet urine. 

You’ll need grass that is incredibly absorbent, easy to grow and strong. 

Switching your grass on your own will not protect against the prolonged-time period harm prompted by dog urine. 

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It will nevertheless burn off and lead to discolouration, but the grass will acquire extended to clearly show the injury and it will be stronger at recovering. 

A different alternative is to swap to synthetic grass, it feels and appears to be like pretty much equivalent to real grass and does not get destroyed by dog urination. 

It’s also effective to your dog’s overall health as the period improvements, as it doesn’t attract the fleas, mites and ticks as that all-natural grass will. 

5. Use a lawn restore treatment 

Working with a garden maintenance therapy will support to flush out the nitrogen and salts from the grass and promote root expansion. 

Fertilisers will usually include enzymes and acids that will help to stop lawn burns brought on by urine, but some can induce an upset abdomen if consumed by our animals.

Soon after you have dealt with your lawn, be guaranteed to water the products off the grass and leaves after the software. 

This will make it safer for your animals. 

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