I’m a gardening pro – 5 straightforward strategies to shield your crops from slugs & snails

Obtaining your dream backyard garden can be many years in the making.

So there’s very little more aggravating than when pests such as slugs and snails occur along and wreck your rather vegetation and flower displays.

Gardening expert Louise Findlay-Wilson has shared five steps to help get rid of pests. Pictured, stock image


Gardening skilled Louise Findlay-Wilson has shared five actions to assist get rid of pests. Pictured, stock imageCredit history: Getty

But according to a person professional, you can find five extremely easy methods that can assist get rid of them from your yard.

And the best aspect? They are all perfectly purely natural techniques that induce no damage to the surroundings.

Louise Findlay-Wilson spoke to The Express and uncovered her leading tips…

Choose THE Right Vegetation

Louise starts by recommending green-fingered house owners meticulously choose vegetation that aren’t as pleasing to pests.

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She goes on to clarify how she has 17 Hosta crops in her back garden – a plant that is commonly identified to catch the attention of pests – but notes how she rarely experiences problems with them.

Why? Simply because she strategically opts for kinds which have thicker leaves, generating it trickier for pests to damage.


Next up, the gardening qualified advises feeding your plants.

The idea powering this really is pretty easy, with Louise explaining that the much healthier the crops are, the thicker their leaves will turn into.

As a outcome, they will be considerably more powerful and able of working with an inflow of hungry pests.

Bodily Limitations

Louise goes on to suggest utilizing a actual physical barrier to avoid slugs and snails from obtaining at your plants.

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“There are a variety of things really worth hoping this kind of as crushed eggshells, grit or sand – all of which are not comfortable for a slug or snail to crawl across,” she describes.

The gardening pro also recommends making use of a mulch to your garden to enable deter slugs and snails.

She notes that when additional pricey than other products, a person mulch of a solution named Strulch will get the job done for up to two yrs.

BEER Entice

Louise also highlights the benefits of using beer – introducing that the “yeasty scent” tends to bring in pests.

Even so, the strategy isn’t really well known with every person – and even Louise has her uncertainties.

“Even though I’m a real fan of kitchen cupboard remedies, I’m not certain beer traps don’t attract a lot more slugs into a back garden than are currently there,” she claims.

Appeal to WILDLIFE

The gardening professional notes that attracting far more wildlife – like birds and hedgehogs – into your garden will also normally support to discourage pests.

“There are many techniques to do this, from constructing chicken packing containers to producing feed balls,” she explains.

“You can also allow your back garden to develop a very little as a variety of wildlife are fond of a wilder habitat.”

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