I’m a gardening enthusiast – my uncomplicated ‘companion planting’ tip will maintain plants alive for way lengthier

COMPANION planting suggests that distinct vegetation aid every other flourish.

With this absolutely free process, bouquets take in nutrients far better, attract pollinators that are effective, as well as prosper in the similar escalating disorders.

Hydrangeas are a good candidate for companion planting


Hydrangeas are a excellent applicant for companion plantingCredit rating: Getty
As cranesbills can tolerate both sun and shade, they're great to plant in front of or underneath larger hydrangeas


As cranesbills can tolerate both of those sun and shade, they are terrific to plant in front of or beneath more substantial hydrangeasCredit: Getty

A good plant to try out this strategy out with is hydrangeas. The good news is, PureWow has listed the most effective greenery to plant with hydrangeas that will ensure they are living for a longer period.


Crepe myrtles can occur in the variety of substantial shrubs or trees.

They have incredibly beautiful bouquets in varying shades of pink or purple, producing them complement most hydrangeas.

When they are educated into tree sort, they source shade to hydrangeas as effectively.

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Dwarf evergreens are spherical in shape, a wonderful contrast to the a lot more freeform appear of hydrangea shrubs.

Be sure to be on the lookout for the kinds that maintain their roundness devoid of pruning.


Also acknowledged as perennial geranium, cranesbill is a significantly less preferred plant that blooms from spring to fall.

It grows in a rounded pile, the flowers “floating” previously mentioned the leaves like butterflies.

As these bouquets can tolerate each sunlight and shade, they’re a wonderful possibility to plant in entrance of or underneath more substantial hydrangeas.


Hostas come in really a large wide range.

They can be various colors, shapes, and measurements, everywhere from a couple of inches to six ft extensive.

Although they mostly call for shade, they do the job finest with sunshine. This helps make them an optimum companion plant for hydrangeas which prosper in the exact ailments.

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