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Herbs 101 – Creating a Mini Herb Garden For Beginners

How do you create a mini herb garden? And why should you make a herb garden? Many people assume that only those with large available spaces can plant and grow herbs. However, this is not true. Herbs can grow productively regardless if you plant them in garden soil or in a planter. If you are only starting to plant and want to begin your endeavor with herbs, a mini herb garden is perhaps the most ideal for you.

Houseplant Diseases

Have you ever bought a houseplant only to bring it home and after a few days the leaves start falling off or it just dies? I have had so many plants die and for the longest time I thought that I was just bad luck to all plants.

Italian Herb Garden – What You Need to Know About Growing Italian Herbs

Some of the tastiest herbs in the world come from Italy. Italian herb gardens provide an amazing source of ingredients for Italian dishes such as basil, parsley, oregano, fennel, and Rosemary. We’re going to talk a little bit about each of the different kinds of herbs it can be grown, and what you need to do to grow them successfully.

Home Vegetable Gardening – Growing Cucumbers

Whether you are new to gardening or an experienced veteran, if the cucumber is not part of your garden plan, it really should be. With the tips in this article you can maximize the growth and harvest of your cucumber plants.

Choosing Your Herb Flowers

If you are just starting to appreciate the affect herbs have on your food then you should also consider extending your interest and learning about herbs and their flowers. You should feel confident about the herb flowers that you use.

Why Are Hydroponic Plants So Important These Days?

The growing of hydroponic plants may not be as recent and modern as one might think, and in fact the experimental phases of this ground breaking growth method began during the latter part of the 1800’s. The theory then was that plants didn’t actually need soil, dirt, or clay to take root in, as they basically drew all nutrients up through their roots and these were in liquid form when utilized by the plant.

Interesting Facts About the Hawthorn Tree

While it may be hard to believe that a tree can be a member of the rose family, the Hawthorn tree is exactly that. Considered invaluable as a hedgerow, this tree also has many culinary and medicinal properties. Several varieties of the Hawthorn tree have developed over the years, but the original Hawthorn was historically and often still is used as a hedgerow. The name actually indicates this use, with its meaning being an old English term for “thorny hedge”. A native of Africa, Europe and central Asia, this tree along with its hybrids have quickly gained popularity and are grown in most North American regions.

Container Gardening is a Great Way to Extend Your Growing Season

A very cost effective method of extending your organic gardens growing season. Container garden is an enjoyable and rewarding way to garden.

Starting a Vineyard – Simple Guide to Cultivating Your Own Grape Vines

If you are a wine enthusiast and you are thinking about starting a vineyard for you to enjoy your own wine and take pleasure in producing your own first class grape wine, it can be possible. Even putting up a backyard vineyard could be a great idea.

Growing Grape Vines – Tips For Beginners

Growing grape vines can be a great hobby if you want to have that patio lined with fruit-bearing vines, or if you want those grape fruits hanging on the pergola for your homemade wine, or if you want to have great grape vines crawling on your fence and giving you great fruit. Find out some important tips in growing this fruit in your backyard.

Creating a Beautiful Garden Space With Hardscaping

When it comes to putting together a garden it is very easy to get so focused on the plants that you completely forget about everything else. But to make a nice garden really spectacular you also need to consider what is called hardscaping. This is basically all the parts of the garden that are not plants – such as fencing, stepping stones, and statues.

Organic Herb Seeds

Organic herb seeds are herb seeds that are or were harvested or taken from an organically grown herb plant. When an herb plant is organically grown, it means it is grown naturally or without any commercial chemical pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers used in the growth and cultivation process of the plant. Organically grown herb plants are generally healthier for eating because they have less chemicals than that of other plants that were treated during the growth process. Having less chemicals in your herbs means less chemicals in your food, which is believed to promote good health and lessen medical problems.

How to Be Successful With Growing Tomatoes

Growing your own Tomatoes is a rewarding activity, their taste is absolutely superior anything you find in the supermarket. Tomatoes are not difficult to grow; you will be able to harvest them by just letting them be. A really stunning result is in store for those who adhere to the crops very simple preferences. This article shows you how.

Tending an Herb Plant

Having trouble cultivating your mini garden? This is an article that discusses how to tend to herb plants.

The Best Crops to Grow in Your Fall Organic Garden

Growing a fall garden can be a rewarding and enjoyable time to grow crops. With a little careful planning you can easily extend your growing season and produce a yielding crop.

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