Icelandic Lambhagi on a hydroponic journey

Early in 2020, Lambaghi, Iceland’s most significant grower of contemporary lettuce and leafy greens, executed an enlargement of its functions. Considering the fact that their present setup consisted of the Ellepot Propagation Procedure for Hydroponics, the company’s new expansion, a 20,000 sq. meter intricate, attributes the new Ellepot Greenleaf System for hydroponics. The Ellepot Greenleaf Program is a specially developed device that enables growers to fill pots straight into gutters, building considerable financial savings on logistics, a great match for an increasing procedure such as Lambaghi.

A tailored sustainable setup 
Icelandic people are recognised for their skill to use sustainable procedures in their day-to-day lives. A excellent instance is a custom of baking bread in heat sand heated from the island’s volcanic exercise. Residing on a comparatively isolated island has developed this mindset of ensuring all resources are cautiously utilized.


Hafberg Þórisson, who established and owns Lambhagi, shares this trademark Icelandic mentality. When he first began his enterprise, no program was offered to in good shape his vision of a hydroponic farm, so he took matters into his possess fingers. Even although he is not a educated engineer, he built the equipment he desired, hand-drawing the options with a pencil and ruler. A group from Ellepot’s technical section in Denmark aided him design and style and refine the machinery he wished for, supplying him with his first established up for hydroponic farming.

Automation boosts fiscal sustainability
Device automation may possibly be a needed answer in circumstances the place labor is possibly very costly, a lot less out there, or could be better or far more efficiently used elsewhere in the corporation. With the Ellepot System, automation helps the producer obtain a trusted output setup wherever expenditures are controlled, retaining price ranges down, essential for a enterprise competing with more cost-effective imports.

Ellepots for hydroponics are less expensive and logistically simpler to manage than the “conventional” plastic pot. When the COVID-19 pandemic impacted Lambhagi’s output, efficiencies attained by the integrated Ellepot technologies enabled the business to continue on its operate in a monetarily sustainable and secure way. Right here, as a evaluate against possible money challenges, their product or service range was diminished, though automation on the manufacturing line had been amplified – a good go looking at the company’s new growth.

Environmental sustainability
Preserving the ecosystem is one of Lambhagi’s leading priorities. Guided by the UN’s 17 Sustainable Growth Goals, the business has taken numerous ways to mitigate its environmental affect. For instance, water made use of for irrigation in greenhouses is filtered and recycled. Lambaghi even further reduces its influence on the ecosystem by applying Ellepots to cut down the complete plastic made use of for a a lot more environmentally welcoming growing technique.

According to Hafberg, the company’s carbon footprint was not long ago calculated to be a minimal 1.11 kilos of CO2 equal per kilo of lettuce. All Lambaghi generate (starting in the Tumble of 2021) will be labeled with its carbon footprint to assistance individuals make a additional knowledgeable choice with respect to environmental challenges, consequently continuing Lambaghi’s sustainability journey.

Lambaghi is meeting the retail and conclusion-consumer demands of lowered reliance on plastic and lowered CO2 emissions and have rightly acquired a number of awards for their ground breaking escalating techniques and motivation to sustainability. One particular noteworthy award becoming the energy organization Orkusalan’s Environmentally friendly Light Award for sustainable electricity in 2019.

The Ellepot Greenleaf Method for hydroponics was applied at just the proper time for Lambhagi to make it via the world crisis, making sure the company’s sustainability even as a result of this tough time. The growth of this method has been an inspiration for growers in other international locations that are now using the identical process.



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