I Was SHOCKED When I Discovered How Cold Hardy These Crops Were

How to Build a Beautiful Japanese Garden

Decide on a garden theme. I mentioned earlier the three traditional Japanese gardens but you should also consider other designs that you like. In my opinion, you can even mix and match other traditional styles.

Orchid Care – Simple Orchid Care Tips For Newbies

Most people think that taking care of an orchid is difficult. Actually, most orchids are very easy to maintain. They didn’t survive the dinosaur age if they weren’t resilient and extremely adaptive to begin with. They require only the basic things that any plant needs to survive. To help you newbies out there, here are some orchid care tips you can follow.

Orchid Fertilizers – Food for Thought

There are only a few things that separate an amazing orchid plant to your regular good ones and more often than not one of them is the fertilizer. If you are the serious hobbyist and you want your plants to be of the highest quality then there’s no second guessing when it comes to using fertilizers. Giving them the proper care in combination with proper application of orchid fertilizer, you will get results that will be seen on their stunning flowers and healthy leaves.

Planting Grape Vines – How To Choose A Grape Variety To Grow

If you like to make jellies or wines, planting grape vines in your backyard would be the first thing to do. You can of course plant some varieties just for eating. With just a small investment you can start growing grapes today for your enjoyment.

Rafflesia Flower

The Rafflesia flower is no ordinary plant that you’ll discover in a typical garden or backyard, these flower can only be found in Thailand. This beautiful flower is found in the Khao Sok rain forest and have a diameter of 50 cms to 90 cms and have a atrocious smell of decayed substance to draw flies and insects for pollination.

How to Care for Fresh Flowers

With proper care and attention most flowers will last around 7 days with some varieties lasting for as long as 14 days. Here are some practical steps to help you extend the life of your cut flowers.

Choosing Weed Killers: 4 Common Types

There was a time not too long ago, when the prevailing wisdom of all new allotment holders was to kill off all vegetation on a plot as they prepared for new plantings. While certainly effective and efficient, this practice has now fallen out of favor because it also kills off potentially helpful insects and micro-organisms in your plot’s soil. New allotment holders are now encouraged to be much more selective in their weed killing practices.

Two Quick Composting Methods for the Home Vegetable Garden

You won`t find too many more natural ways to improve the nutrients in your soil then compost. The result of organic material breaking down, compost will add much needed, nitrogen, potassium, phosphorous and calcium (as well as other nutrients) to your soil. The best part, composting is easier than you think.

Why Is Organic Gardening Becoming So Popular?

You cannot have failed to notice the rapid increase in the trend towards organic gardening over the last decade or so, that is unless you have been living under a rock during that time. It is becoming ever more popular with home owners, as they try to reduce their carbon footprint.

Winter Herb Gardening

Winter herb gardening can be properly done if we take into consideration important aspects such as fertilizers, pruning and its watering needs. Read on to find out some interesting information about winter herb gardening.

Winter Plant Wonderland

Now that the nights are drawing in and its warm inside its very tempting not to go out in the garden but on a clear crisp winter morning there can be nothing better than stepping out into the garden and surveying the borders. I love the fact that my perennial borders are cleared and tidy and it helps me visualise what I should do in next year’s growing season. I can mulch the ground easily and watch for the first signs of winter bulbs. But it’s also important to have some plants that are specifically for the winter.

About Orchid Lights, Sunlight and Artificial Light

When caring for orchids one of the essential orchid needs that you should attend to is providing sufficient light. You can provide your orchids with either natural sunlight or artificial light. As a matter of fact, providing light to your orchid simulates the lighting of the natural habitat in tropical forests where the illumination is quite soft. Thus, exposing an orchid to direct light should be avoided.

Growing Concord Grapes, Because Of Their Sweetness

Growing concord grapes is as straightforward as other species. They are perfectly adapted to North America in general assuming that proper cares are in place from land preparation to harvesting period. But first, what are concord grapes in the first place.

Mokara Orchids Care

Mokara orchids are inter-generic hybrids of arachnis X ascocentrum X vanda which have the largest number of colors compared to other orchids. Mokara is probably the only flower with such broad spectrum of color shades like purple, pink, blue, red, orange, yellow, coral with each and every color has its own range which definitely will be able to relay thousands of expression. The purple color for instance, could be associated with spirituality and nobility.

Choosing the Right Orchid Pots

Orchid pots, especially the plastic pots, are indispensable items in the possession of every orchid grower. Generally, pots support the good caring of a plant and play an important role to the success of orchid growing and caring. Paying less attention to these potting matters may limit the healthy growth of your orchid. On the contrary, providing the appropriate pot will provide you with the possibility to control a healthy substrate required by your orchid.

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