I only WEED the garden ONCE a Year! (Garden Tour)

Spring Lawn Care – Special Tasks That Are Essential for Success

Successfully maintaining a lawn to a high standard requires performing the regular tasks correctly, and ensuring that certain special tasks are carried out on time. In dry and hot summer climates, “regular tasks” would include irrigation, while in all climates, frequent mowing at the right height is also vital. This article focuses on those tasks that need, specifically, to be carried out in the spring, and where failure to do is liable to result in less than satisfactory results.

Garden Tools – The Best for Your Buck

Another great way to find good garden tools at more affordable prices is to look at used items. Don’t pass up items because they looked a little scratched or dirty. You can always clean them up, and you may well find a treasure underneath the grime.

Lawn Care – Granular Versus Liquid Applications, What’s Better For The Environment

Don’t you hate spray-drifting lawn chemicals? If you are concerned about the possibility of liquid herbicides and liquid insecticides blowing around the place when your Lawn Care contractor is supposed to be looking after your lawn, then you should read on!

Garden Water Features Bringing Tranquility Into Your Outdoor Retreat

Having a beautiful, perfectly landscaped outdoor garden, whether big or small, is definitely every home owner’s dream. Gardens are intended to be one of the finest spot where you and your family can relax and take pleasure in the true beauty mother nature has to offer. The serene and scenic foliage, the wonderful colors of beautiful blossoms, the sweet smelling morning breeze, the joyful chirping of backyard birds, all come together forming a perfectly balanced environment. Despite all this however, outdoor gardens may still seem partial and incomplete without the presence of an exquisite and finely structured water feature.

Compost, Part 2 – Where Do I Put All This Stuff?

You have a number of choices, here. A compost bin, box, tumbler, trench or heap – all will work, its a matter of personal preference.

A Primer To Attracting Birds To Your Backyard

If you know someone special who cares for the wild birds or takes delight in watching birds out their window or while outdoors, bird feeders may indeed be the perfect gift. Whether the occasion is a Birthday, Secretaries day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day or Christmas, bird feeders make great gifts. Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall, when it comes to a bird enthusiast there is no right time, anytime can be a good time to buy a bird gift that will help them with their feeding of the birds in their garden.

Growing Chillies – 5 Tips To Help Your Crop

Growing chilies is relatively simple and can be achieved by anyone, no matter how small a space you have even if you only have a small balcony or even only a windowsill. Below are a few tip to help you increase your crop.

Seven Good Uses for Tobacco

Surprisingly, or maybe not such a surprise, tobacco has good uses as a remedy for getting rid of some garden bugs and other critters. Be cautious and use wisely.

Growing Great Flowers – A Few Tips

Most every gardener strives to grow the best, most stunning flowers around, but that goal is hard to get hold of. Whether you want to raise prize-winning blooms or just have a home garden filled with of beautiful flowers, there are some things you can do in order to ensure your garden is in the best shape possible. Soil chemistry counts.

Features To Consider When Planning And Designing A Garden

Good landscaping can add a significant amount of interest and comfort to your home, and it will benefit its appearance and value as well. Several features are necessary if you want to make good use of your grounds. These will usually include a nice lawn, healthy shade trees, and paths and walkways.

Organic Gardening – The Back To The Nature Way

Due to the many negative consequences of pesticides and toxins that we ingest in our system by eating food bought from the market, many people have turned to doing some bit of organic gardening on their own. The exhilaration that one feels when one sees a garden-full of colorful flowers and plants is something only the creator can explain. Even as organic food is easily available in supermarkets these days, doing it on your own has a charm of its own and no food tastes better than food grown organically in the backyard.

From Climbing Hydrangea to Oakleaf Hydrangea – Types of Hydrangea Plants

Hydrangea has grown to be one of the most popular perennial plants in American gardens, and the variety that is available now is quite impressive. This quick guide to the commonly available varieties of Hydrangea plants, from the common Garden Hydrangea to the more unusual Oakleaf and Climbing Hydrangeas, will help you find the right Hydrangea for your garden.

Three More Gardening Tips For Flower Gardens

Here are three more gardening tips that can make your gardening experience more enjoyable and successful. The difference between pleasurable gardening and hassle gardening is often just a few simple steps and measures. Birdseed mayhem – Here’s a simple gardening tip that many are surprised at.

Seven Golden Rules To An Abundant Garden

A great looking garden is not as difficult to achieve as people often think. It’s the result of applying some rules. Follow those rules and try something new. In this article you find the basic garden tips.

Lawn Care – Should I Aerate, Top Dress And Scarify My Lawn? – From The Lawn Expert

A common question asked by many is, “Should I aerate, scarify and topdress my lawn?” 1. Only topdress your lawn to remove the lumps and bumps in the lawn. The best for this is river sand, which can be purchased in bagged quantities from your local nursery. River sand remains soft (unlike regular topsoil) throughout the hot summer months allowing the turf to easily take hold. Also bear in mind to topdress with river sand lightly so as not to totally cover your lawn turf.

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