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Pruning and Trimming Plants

Although most indoor houseplants do not need pruning regularly, there are times this can help the plant thrive. Pruning or removing parts of the plant allows it to direct its energy to other parts where you want. A sickly plant can be revived and a flowering plant can be encouraged to bloom by this process.

Compost Tumbler – 3 Things You Must Consider When Buying Compost Tumblers

If you are environmentally minded, you should compost. Composting is a painless way of reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills. It also results in a nutrient rich soil amendment you can add anywhere in your garden, proving that you can get treasure from your trash.

Organic Gardening – Harvesting Garlic

Tips you should know on when and how to harvest garlic. An easy crop to grow in the home organic garden.

How to Create a Magical Family Garden For All Ages Which is Both Inspirational and Practical

A garden which combines mystery and adventure for children whilst looking stylish and well planted is possible even on a tight budget. Plant loving adults and exuberant children can successfully co-exist in the same place. With the right design and planning key features can incorporate the requirements for each family member to achieve a satisfying balance. From exciting garden features and play equipment, like a full-scale tree house to a rustic double swing. An enticing garden can offer children a vast amount of scope for thrills and spills, far more than the confines of orchestrated entertainment no matter how good.

Control White Grubs Naturally Or With Chemicals?

The choice is up to you. Do you want to resolve a problem and not be afraid to step on the lawn or allow the children to play on it? Or would you prefer to take care of your white grub infestation and still keep the yard safe for children, pets and other animals? See what the best solution for grub control really is.

Cymbidium Orchid Flowers

When choosing orchids, there are several beautiful and unique species to choose from. Many are afraid of orchids in general, overwhelmed by misinformation as to how to care for them. They are without a doubt, one of the most popular species of flora grown all over the world. With a few tips from expert growers, you can become successful at growing and cultivating them at home.

Indoor Vegetable Gardening For Fresh Vegetables All Year Long

When the weather gets colder and the time for outdoor gardening is over, home gardeners can still turn to the pleasures of indoor vegetable gardens. Leafy crops, root crops, tomatoes, and many other kinds of vegetables are good for growing indoors.

Grow Vegetables in Your Garden

Have you ever considered turning over a piece of your garden to growing your own vegetables. There are lots of advantages to doing so, not least of which is the sense of satisfaction you get from knowing that the vegetables on your dinner plate were created by you.

Prune Your Orchids With Five Quick and Easy Steps

It’s very important that you prune your orchids once it’s flowered especially if you want to promote new growth and have a plant that is healthy and repeatedly blooms. A large majority of novice orchid growers are nervous about the pruning task, afraid that they will damage the plant. Pruning your orchid doesn’t have to be a daunting task especially if you apply the following five steps below.

How to Design a Garden

Gardening can be one of the most rewarding activities you will ever do. It can also be the most time consuming. It doesn’t matter if your garden is big or small, or if you plant it raised beds or in plant pots – you have to start with a garden design. This article will cover the factors that you need to consider when designing a garden.

The Basics of Planting Vegetable Gardens

Not many people try planting vegetable gardens these days, particularly not in the city. The reality is, you are able to actually grow them even if you’re smack in the midst of a busy metropolis…

Metal Garden Arches Are a Perfect Way to Highlight a Rose Garden

One of my favorite ways to highlight a rose garden is with metal garden arches. Metal works best with roses, because they get really heavy as they grow to cover the arch.

Planting Your Crops Efficiently

The aspect of gardening that most people are familiar with is planting. Before planting, there are many things that need to be decided, such as what to grow and what growing methods to use. Once all of this has been decided, you actually need to plant your seeds, and this is not as easy as just picking up some dirt and dropping in the seed. You need to plan out where you will grow specific crops, as if you do not give them enough room, they may not grow very well.

What to Look For in a Greenhouse

Every avid gardener enjoys the hobby of gardening 12 months a year. Plants are something you cannot do without, and you feel committed to their care. Just as every artist retreats to his studio for inspiration, every gardener finds sanctuary in the greenhouse in any given weather.

Great Reasons to Consider Creating a Shade Garden For Your Home

Is much of your yard dominated by shade? If so, you have the ideal conditions to create a shade garden for your home. Often homeowners mistakenly believe that nothing will grow in the shady regions of their yards, but this is simply not true. Shade gardens can be a beautiful addition to any landscape and here are several excellent reasons to create a shade garden for your home.

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