Hydroponic strawberry cultivation getting popularity and offering challenges to Chinese growers

Strawberries are 1 of the most preferred fruits to mature in winter season in China. What are the safeguards for increasing strawberries? The human being in charge of Guangzhou Shengsheng Agriculture Co., Ltd. introduced the next details to us.

In the past handful of years, the “A-body” was far more common. Everyone agrees that this saves space and will increase the produce of strawberries per unit spot. But the point is that the strawberries on the top layer are not impacted by the light-weight. On the next and 3rd floors and even the fourth floor, the strawberries on the east aspect of the stand can’t capture the afternoon sunlight, and the strawberries on the west aspect of the stand are unable to catch the morning sunlight.


Devoid of light-weight, the strawberry cannot photosynthesize. They won’t be able to efficiently differentiate their flower buds, and the fruit is not going to flip crimson. The Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and some berry farmers in Ningbo have all produced this kind of makes an attempt. As a end result, the strawberries on the top rated layer have the most, premier, reddest fruits and the maximum yield. Thus, fruit farmers are now slowly switching to flat racks.

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At the identical time, when the substrate is stuffed, it is common for the substrate to sink by 2-3 cm thanks to drip irrigation of drinking water and fertilizer in the later on stage. There will be flower bud differentiation and fruiting of strawberries in the planting gutter, and the fruit simply cannot be successfully uncovered. In this way, it is challenging for strawberries to have purple fruit, and in the substrate gutter, the fruit is easy to make contact with the internal wall and the substrate, which is simple to cause rotten fruit. As a result, the filling of the substrate need to be entirely loaded, and the best of the gutter must be “pagoda-formed” so that after settlement in the substrate in the afterwards phase, the substrate can just be amount with the gutter. The fruit can be hung outside the house and totally been given the mild.

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In addition, more and much more berry farmers favor substrate seedlings. Whilst the price is better than that of bare root seedlings, the survival level is higher, there is no soil-borne condition, and the survival charge is extra than 95%.

Regarding fertilizers, strawberries do not involve a lot nitrogen fertilizer, so it is recommended to use well balanced fertilizers in the early phase, and it is encouraged to use water-soluble fertilizers, which need to be replenished at the time every single 5-7 times, with a concentration of 800-1000 occasions. Utilize large phosphorus and potassium fertilizer in the later on phase to encourage root and flower bud differentiation, and maximize fruit sweetness.

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