Hydroponic greenhouse launched In Uzbekistan

A new modern greenhouse with an acreage of 4 ha has been launched in the Dangarin area of the Fergana place. The hydroponic greenhouse will be increasing tomatoes and cucumbers.

The building of the greenhouse sophisticated belonging to LLC Best Mustang In addition was completed at the conclusion of 2021. The general price of the task amounted to $2.5 million. The prepared total production capacity should really arrive at 600 tons for tomatoes and 200 tons for cucumbers. Presently, the growers are acquiring all set for the initial tomato crop generate.

In all, around 250 ha of greenhouses have been produced in Fergana location inside of 2017-2021. As of the close of 2021, the all round greenhouse acreage in the place amounted to 311 ha, of which 84 ha with hydroponics. As a result, from the starting of 2017 to the close of 2021 the all round acreage of greenhouses in Fergana is has improved 5.2 occasions.

In 2021, 398 modern greenhouses have been constructed in Uzbekistan with an all round acreage of 797 ha and overall investments in the volume of $212.4 million.

In accordance to the Ministry of Agriculture, as of the finish of 2021, the total greenhouse acreage in Uzbekistan reached 5.5 thousand ha.

Resource: uzdaily.uz

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