Hydroponic farming launched in Himachal

Himachal Pradesh Agriculture University organized a media pay a visit to to its hydroponic unit in the investigation farm of the Department of Vegetable Science & Floriculture these days.

Reporters of several newspapers frequented the device and hi-tech nursery elevating unit and sought data from scientists. AProf HK Chaudhary, the Vice-Chancellor, said that hydroponic farming had been launched for the initially time in the state.

He appreciated the endeavours of Dr. Desh Raj Chaudhary, head, and Dr. Parveen Sharma, the scientist in cost of safeguarded cultivation, for doing superb function in hydroponics.

He claimed the cultivation of plants in nutrient-enriched water, popularly regarded as hydroponics, was beneficial in hill agriculture wherever landholdings have been compact.

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