Humic Acid

Garden Wind Chimes

The modern life can eat up your time and energy, especially if you do not know how to balance work and play. You need to find time to relax, smell the flowers, sing, dance and laugh.

How To Build A Greenhouse

The most successful modern greenhouses are built upon well-drained land near a good water supply. Some of the smaller structures are 12 to 15 feet wide, with a framework of wood. For commercial purposes, greenhouses about 40 feet in width, supported by semi-iron or pipe-post frames are found most practical.

7 Tips on Positioning Your Indoor Pot Plants – From a South African Perspective

There are very few places is a home where pot plants will not grow. It must be remembered, however, that not every position will suit all plants.

Grass Seeds

The lawn is the very first thing that captures the attention of people who happen to get a glimpse of your house. You do not want other people to give your lawn some negative remarks, do you? Honestly, the appearance of the lawn can make or break a good impression. If the lawn looks dull, messy, and lifeless, expect that your house will not shine and stand out among the array of houses on your street.

An Introduction To Greenhouses

The age-old experience of farmers is that fruits grown on the protected, sunny side of a slope, mature earliest. This led the way to the development of the modern greenhouse. Some of the early stages of this development may be traced back to England, where it was the general practice to train grapevines upon well-sunned garden walls. Some conceived the idea of inclining these walls so that the rays of the sun might fall more directly upon the vines. Then, in an effort to protect the budding leaves from chilly breezes and sudden frost, glass coverings were built around them. When the warmth from the sun was considered insufficient, flues were placed in back of the wall to furnish additional heat. The resulting lean-to form of greenhouse soon became an independent structure of glass supported by beams of wood and of metal.

Mosquito Repellent

The best way to protect your surroundings, home and family from mosquitos is the use of the mosquito repellent. They come in varied forms and is a matter of personal choice. However, when purchasing mosquito repellents one should ensure that in contains certain ingredients that do the task of keeping away these pests.

4 Essential Elements in the Oriental Garden – From a South African Perspective

Western gardeners have the utmost respect and admiration for oriental gardens, not just because of the feeling of peace and tranquility with which they are imbued, but also because of their seeming simplicity and, to us, the restraint with which they are created.

Greenhouse Kits

The age-old experience of farmers is that once you have decided the structure, layout and position of your greenhouse, you can then buy a greenhouse kit to help you through the construction. A greenhouse kit is probably your best option, as it is most cost effective and probably the easiest way to construct a greenhouse.

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Hammocks

Spending time by the beach in the tropics would not be entirely complete if not for some quality time spent sipping a margarita and reading a book as you relax by the clear sea in a hammock.

About the Importance of Light for Plants, Trees and Bonsai

Learn what role the light plays in plant development. Learn the do’s and don’ts of plant care.

Spring Wedding Flowers

Spring wedding flowers are flowers used for weddings that occur during the spring time. Usually they are light and fluffy. Spring wedding flowers evoke beautiful and happy memories of much awaited spring weddings, chiming church bells and beaming faces. Spring wedding flowers come with delicate petals and simple designs, and are used for decorations, in bouquets and as centerpieces. These flowers have the finest color choices, which include pale yellows, baby blues, tender lavenders, and soft greens.

Send Roses Cheap

Sending roses cheaply can be to your advantage if you can locate a florist for this purpose. You are already gaining a special place in the recipients’ hearts by sending roses; if you can send them at cheaper rates, it can be an added bonus for you!

How A Garden Designer Can Transform Your Garden

If you are thinking of employing a garden designer then this article will help you make the right decision…

Greenhouse Windows

Selecting the right window for you greenhouse is very important as they play a huge role in energy management. If the right material is not chosen or if the window is not constructed properly, all your efforts in constructing and maintaining a greenhouse will be a complete waste. Gaps between the frames will not only let the heat out but will also let in cold winter air that will kill your plants. It is therefore imperative that you fit the windows with utmost care to optimize resources and maintain a comfortable environment for your plants.

What Do Rats Eat?

Rats eat a wide variety of food. They have voracious appetites and will eat almost anything. They are true omnivorous scavengers, but mostly prefer grain, livestock feed, and meat. Rats have also been known to eat soap, leather, furs, candy, milk, meat, vegetables, poultry, eggs, grain, seeds, fruit, nuts, snails and other rodents. A rat can eat a third of its body weight each day. The rat’s main important consumption is water, as it cannot survive long without it. Rats need 1/2 to 1 ounce of water daily.

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