HS Evolution Pot raises strawberry cultivation in customised substrate

Hydroponic Programs launches the HS Evolution Pot, the new answer for increasing strawberries in pots with customised substrate and on an elevated metal channel.

It is a program with exclusive strengths that favour the treatment of the atmosphere and price savings for growers. By enabling the use of customised substrate within the pot, it does not call for plastic bags to incorporate it, thus keeping away from the use of this kind of plastic and the costs linked with its acquisition and removal.


The financial financial savings go even even further, as the HS Evolution Pot is designed to past for various increasing cycles. It only demands easy and effortless cleansing and disinfection jobs amongst 1. Economic profitability is also enhanced as the narrow channel allows for extra rows to be placed or a zig-zag arrangement of the crops inside of the pot to make much more effective use of the escalating area. In addition, growers can opt for the substrate they want to expand strawberries in.


These certain strengths of the HS Evolution Pot are in addition to all those of Hydroponic Systems’ portfolio of options:


  • Further aeration and ideal oxygenation for the roots
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  • No waterlogging
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  • Prevents get hold of amongst roots and drains
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  • Can be adapted to hanging or elevated supports in greenhouses
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  • The solution to a issue
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In 2014, Hydroponic Programs was born to reply to growers’ require to make improvements to their operate and resolve some of their major head aches, such as root illnesses that rot vegetation and infect some others. To avoid this, the enterprise devised a catalog of options that have been exported to almost forty nations around the world with fantastic accomplishment.


In point, independent analysis led by Ceickor Centro Universitario (Mexico) displays that these systems can improve general greenhouse creation by amongst 3% and 5%.

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