How to slice poinsettias to take pleasure in the blooms indoors?

Use potted and cut poinsettias for decoration for the holidays. Poinsettias have been reported to be poisonous; they are not. A study at Ohio State University revealed that a 50-pound child would have to eat more than 500-600 Poinsettia leaves to have any serious adverse side effects. This is not to say that there could be some effects; the most common side effects from poinsettia ingestions are upset stomach and vomiting.

Q: We have a poinsettia planted in our property, as you advisable in a past column. The leaves or bracts at the finishes of the branches are turning crimson. How can I slice some of the stems to take pleasure in the blooms within? 

— Lynn, through email 

A: Congratulations! Poinsettias are outstanding vegetation for the landscape on the Treasure Coast. Comprehensive sunlight to partial shade all through the day, darkish at night and offered water when the climate is dry are the best places to set up a poinsettia for the property. 

Poinsettias are also wonderful seasonal houseplants and remarkable flowers for vases, bowls and blended arrangements. Even although they are prolonged-long lasting and beautiful on the holiday desk or as section of the decorations, poinsettias are seldom applied as minimize bouquets. 

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