How to Maximize Space in a Raised Bed (High-Density Planting) 🌱

Indoor Orchids

Is there anything better than the beauty and exotic nature of an orchid? It may be true that they are a little unpredictable at times; however, you can grow them inside quite effectively. Counter to common thought, as a decorative houseplant, orchids really aren’t that difficult to keep especially when you begin to understand your orchids needs.

Get the Garden Rose in Your Backyard

The rose has been associated with romance and affairs of the heart for centuries, and is still today a popular flower featured in gardens around the world. The garden rose comes in a variety of shapes, sizes of colors, and although the it has a reputation for being a difficult plant to keep and grow, it can easily make a beautiful addition to your garden.

Learn the Basics of Repotting Orchids

After your orchid has growing into a beautiful plant, there is still important work to be done for maintenance! In this article you will learn all about an orchids repotting – why it’s necessary, when it’s time, and how to do it.

Orchid Care – Some of the Basics

Do you have an orchid already? If yes then you will understand this. If no then this may sound a little strange. When you receive or buy an orchid for the first time something in your world changes forever. You will receive a sense of enthusiasm and it will thrive on having more orchids.

White Orchids For White Weddings

Orchids are probably the best flower choice for weddings. This article will give a glimpse of a marvelous wedding ceremony filled with gorgeous orchids.

Expert Tips For Successful Orchids Repotting

One very important, but often overlooked aspect of orchid care is the need to periodically repot them. This article contains important tips on how to repot orchids properly and ensure a successful transition for the plant.

Why Use Raised Beds?

Raised beds are elevated structures usually made of wood, rock walls, stone, or even short lengths of logs in which the gardener can effectively provide a plant’s basic requirement. This idea of planting above the level of the ground has existed for centuries but seems to be getting more and more popular.There are 13 advantages to using raised beds. Here are nine of these:

Kitchen Counter Herb Garden

What a great location for you kitchen herb garden, if you have plenty of counter space this could be ideal. I bet you never considered it before, but look around you kitchen you might just have the perfect spot.

Backyard Waterfalls – How to Build One in Your Own Backyard

Is there anything more tranquil than backyard waterfalls? Have you ever thought about putting one in your backyard? Planning in advance can save you a lot of time, aggravation and the possibility of having to start all over! Take the time to examine the following tips before you begin your backyard waterfall.

The Beautiful Hummingbird

One of the tiniest birds around is the hummingbird. From the tip of its beak to its tail, it spans about three and a quarter inches. And it hardly weights anything at all.

Turn Your Garden Into Eden

Houses are a very important part of our life these days and we really do appreciate and treasure our houses a lot. Houses must be taken good care of and they must also look nice and presentable.

Seven Tips to Raising Beautiful and Healthy Cymbidium Orchids

Cymbidium must rank as one of the best known and widely popular of all orchids. The genus consists of about 50 species and thousands of hybrids have been bred.

Pruning Clematis – What You Should Know

Clematis has gained reputation for being difficult to prune, mainly because not all clematis are pruned in the same way. However, as long as you know when your clematis flowers and can tell whether it produces blooms on old stems or new growth produced during the current year, you will not go fat wrong.

Helpful Tips For Using Garden Totes

By using garden totes, you’ll find it far simpler to remain organized about the garden. In case you are fussy about where you keep your tools, then you need to check out the advantages that these items provide also in addition it’s also wise learn how they can make your gardening easier.

Portable Greenhouse – The Backyard Greenhouse, An Excellent Alternative For Gardening

A greenhouse means freedom for any gardener and a portable greenhouse adds even more freedom.  If you are a city or suburban gardener then weather extremes can be very frustrating.  Your gardening is shutdown in the winter, extreme weather can destroy your plants in the summer, and there is more need to tend your plants every day when they are outside.

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