How To Grow White Cucumbers – Growing White Cucumbers in pots

Rose Gardening Basics

Growing roses is not as difficult as it is portrayed; contrary to popular opinion rose plants don’t need much attention. All they need are the ‘4 essentials’: Soil, Space, Water, Sun, and of course tender loving care, so grab a shovel and let’s get started!

Watering Plants – 5 Essential Plant Watering Tips to Help You Save Water and Time!

Watering plants is the equivalent of drinking enough water to stay properly hydrated. In fact, it is widely known that 90 percent of every plant is composed of water. This fact alone shows how important it is to water plants regularly and correctly.

Potting Sheds – A Dream Come True For a Gardener Like You

Potting sheds are similar to the woodmaker’s shed or any other craftsman, but this one in particular is meant for the gardener – the one who adores plants and nature. It is actually a dream for every gardener to have and it can be filled with new plants that would mark a good beginning for the start of spring.

Upside Down Container Gardening

Besides the recent popularity of a “as seen on TV” product, people have been container gardening for years. But one of the main reasons that people have been hanging plants upside down is simply the ability to grow more plants in smaller places. The process of upside down gardening allows people to enjoy vegetables and fruits on patio, small backyard and other urban settings. It also reduces your care to regular watering and some feedings. It eliminates weeding and tilling.

Composting – Ecological and Wallet-Friendly!

Most people have heard about composting, but few put in practice, despite its great simplicity and the fact that it can save a lot of time and money. In this article, we will examine the benefits of composting, and the way to put it in practice very easily. Some basic tips and advice are also given.

All 7 Types of Knockout Roses

Knockout roses are low maintenance shrub roses bred by William Radler that have become popular with their debut in 2000. People enjoy them because of their resistance to common diseases that attack roses and because of their tolerance to a variety of climates (they do best in zones 5-10). Up to the present there are 7 varieties available.

Foliar Feeding For Your Organic Gardens

Foliar feeding is a technique of supplying plants the nutrients they need by applying a liquid fertilizer to the plants leaves. This technique is becoming a more popular method to the home gardener. It is an eco-friendly way to supply nutrition to the plants that you are growing in your organic gardens.

Developing a Non-Synthetic Rose Bed

If your goal in rose gardening is to achieve those perfect, healthy blooms for your rose bed then the non-synthetic method is just right for you. Aside from the fact that it is very practical for being cheap, it is also environmentally friendly.

Planting Strawberries in Your Garden

Planting strawberries is actually easier than you may think. All you really need is strawberry plants, soil, fertilizer and a lot of sunshine for your plants to thrive in. Nowadays you can actually purchase ready made kits that make it easy to grow strawberries, even in your sleep. However if you are going to do it the traditional way, then this article has some good tips for you.

Working With Cottage Gardens

The well loved and quintessentially English cottage garden is my favourite design. Filled with flower throughout the year such gardens utilise the fantastic array of both perennial and annual plants that are on offer to create a sublime patchwork of interspersed blooms. Climbers scramble over walls, pergolas and archways, self seeding annuals jostle for the suns rays as they attempt to make as many flowers as possible.

Learn the Essential Things in Planning A Vegetable Garden Design

The benefits of cultivating in a raised garden are generally known; excellent drainage, pest minimization, and ease of management, all can be adapted to your veggie garden, as well. As compared to the process of designing and implementing a conventional vegetable garden, that of a raised garden is not all that different.

Applications of LED Plant Lights Today

The LED plant light technology is one of the latest innovations that are expected to affect the food and agriculture industry. To simply describe the technology; it uses the lights emitted from the diodes to replace the sunlight for the vegetation to use as energy in producing food.

The Benefits of Switching to LED Grow Lights

The LED grow light is a giant step in producing healthier and quality crops. In this article we will discuss the advantages for growers who will change their plant light using the LED technology.

Rose Bush Care Includes the Proper Location For Planting, Fertilizer, Sunlight and Adequate Water

Rose bush care doesn’t have to be difficult, but you just need to know a few simple rules before you begin the growing process. Maintenance with your car is important to keep it running smoothly, so it only makes sense that with something as beautiful as a rose bush will need some upkeep as well.

Top Reasons to Use LED Grow Light in Your Greenhouse

LED grow light is the latest revolutionary way to make your vegetations grow faster in the greenhouses. In this article, we will give specifics why greenhouse operators should use this technology in order to have a healthier and more abundant yield.

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