How to Grow Lettuce Microgreens Fast & Easy🌱

How to Start a Worm Farm

When you are building a worm farm, you are virtually killing two birds with one stone. The compost or garbage will be used to turn something around that can be used in your garden later on while providing you with worms to eat the garbage.

Dendrobium Care For the Avid Orchid Enthusiast

The epiphyte species of orchid are known for liking the surroundings of trees and rockeries, one member of this species is the Dendrobium orchid. Despite the liking for, and living among these surfaces the Dendrobium, and the epiphyte species are in no way considered to be parasites.

Starting Worm Farms From Scratch With Scrap Food and Leftovers

If you have left over scrap pieces of vegetables that you dispose of daily or weekly, then you might consider turning those pieces of left over food and vegetables into compost to make your own worm farms. By turning your leftovers into compost for a worm farm, you will have a small version of a compost bin in your backyard while still leaving room in your yard for areas of entertainment.

Is a Nutrient Solution & Growth Enhancer Required For Successful Hydroponics?

Are nutrient solutions and growth enhancers required for our successful growth and development? Well, the nutrients are, and I suspect vitamins could be considered growth enhancers. Plants and humans are much alike in that respect. Take the food pyramid for example…

A Guide For Gardening Newbies – What You’ll Need to Get Started

If you’ve never been into gardening in a big way but fancy getting your fingers green for the first time this summer, you’ll need a basic set of tools to get you started. There are a huge range of garden tools out there to choose from, with something for every budget – but a newcomer may well find it difficult to narrow their selection down to the essentials when first starting out.

Houseplant Care – 3 Best Methods For Growing Indoor Plants and Keeping Them Healthy

Some houseplants favor more water and high humidity; while others like dry soil and less light. It does not matter which plant is more ideal as long as you have accurate information on how to care for them, and you are able to provide what they just need. The following can be helpful addition to your resources…

Best Method of Growing and Caring For the Colorful Croton Plant

A sign that Croton plant is over watered is when leaves are wilting. If Croton is placed indoor, it is imperative to keep the temperature high, specifically around 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Proper Caring For Orchids Like an Expert Horticulturist

People love being around color, and by nature, we love to be surrounded by plants, trees and flowers. Who wouldn’t be attracted to beautiful and vibrant colored plants like orchids? They have a variety of different species. People think it is hard to grow one, but you will be surprised when you find out that proper caring for orchids is not as difficult as it seems.

Pruning Honeysuckle

These climbers can be divided into two groups, those that flower on the current year’s growth and those that bear blooms on stems produced last year. Those that flower on new wood do not need regular pruning unless they outgrow their allotted space.

The Snow Bush Will Transform Your Landscape Into an Explosion of Color

Though it is named as the snow bush, it has nothing to do with snow or winter. Naturally abundant in tropical regions such as the South Pacific, Asia and Australia, it is among the most sought after bushes in the North America. People from all walks of life cannot fail to appreciate its beauty.

Planting and Growing Cauliflower in the Kitchen Garden

One of the most popular vegetables around is cauliflower. It has been the choice of millions of diners for pretty long.

Key Benefits of Choosing a Petrol Lawnmower

There are many reasons why more and more gardeners are choosing to use a petrol lawnmower or gas-powered lawnmower as they are referred to in the US. In my article, I have looked at four key benefits that should help you in your decision if you are currently considering purchasing a new lawnmower.

5 Easy Steps to Caring For Orchids

The myth that caring for orchids is somehow difficult stems from the fact that they’re are some species and hybrids that do require an experienced green thumb. However, the vast majority of orchids are very easy to care for with just a little knowledge and few simple steps.

French Intensive Gardening

I can’t call us friends. Or even acquaintances. And we’re not neighbours. We’ve never exchanged more than fifteen seconds of conversation. And even that, only once every two weeks or so.

A Garden Inside Without Soil – The Kitchen Sprouts Garden

Many have an interest in gardening but do not like a combination of the work, the frequent weather changes, and even the pest issues that come up. There is a way of growing some fresh food without have to be outside, mess with bugs, or even have to deal with soil. Sprouting is one’s solution to this issue for a very simple way of growing food.

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