How to Crack HICKORY Nuts (HILARIOUS!!!)

When is the Best Time of the Year For Transplanting Roses?

When it comes to transplanting roses, the best time of the year for you to move them would be the same as the best time for you to plant them. This is basically determined by two major factors which are: the type of rose you would like to grow and the type of climate in the zone where you reside.

Top 10 Pest Control Tips For Vegetable Gardeners

There’s nothing more annoying than finding that the birds have pecked your prize-winning fruit to pieces or that your cabbages are being munched by an army of caterpillars! Make sure it’s just you that gets to eat your fruit and vegetables with our top 10 pest control tips…

Planting and Growing Herbs

Do you want to know how this works? Some pointers on planting and growing herbs in and out of the garden.

Lily Flowers – How Florists Choose and Care For Fresh Cut Lilies

Second only to roses in their mystique, lilies have been cultivated for centuries in almost every part of the globe. From China and Japan across the Asian continent to the Middle East and southern Europe, all the way to North America, the genus Lilium contains over 100 separate natural species.

Garden Design Tips – Top 3 Japanese Maples

1st and foremost, as a fellow gardener, I’m obliged to tell you, you must have at least 1 Japanese maple somewhere on your property. These top garden design tips will make your garden the envy of the block. I promise beyond any reasonable doubt, these pricey gems are worth every penny (or dollar).

Garden Design Tips – Top 3 Grasses

Grasses are being welcomed more and more into the backyard. My backyard is no different. I have many varieties strategically placed throughout my garden and along the outside of my fence. These three garden design tips are just the beginning of my exploring the wide world of ornamental grasses.

Garden Design Tips – Top 3 Garden Structures

Garden structures are generally referred to as ‘hard landscaping.’ I’ve built a few in my day and I’m going to share these garden design tips with you. Some require time, some require (a lot of) money but they all add great interest to any garden or landscape.

Garden Design Tips – Top 3 Favorite Perennials

With so many current varieties and so many new ones coming to market each year, how can we narrow this garden design tip down to the top 3? Well I’m going to share with you my favorites along with some very important advice. But let’s get down to business shall we.

Garden Design Tips – Top 3 Favorite Flowers

The best part of visiting a garden center is being overwhelmed by the beauty of all the different flowers. The assortment of colors, the range of fragrances and the shear splendor of mass plantings is a sight to behold. These garden design tips will definitely help you navigate the isles of the garden center to what have become my top 3 picks.

Garden Design Tips – Top 3 Broad Leaf Evergreens

Okay, I probably shouldn’t start out by telling you what my top garden design tip is but I just can’t help it. My absolute favorite broad leaf evergreen is the Carol Mackie Daphne. Now that I have let the cat out of the bag, here in more detail are my top three broad leaf evergreens.

Garden Design Tips – Hosta, Hosta, Hosta

The title says it all. The Hosta is truly my absolute favorite plant in my entire garden beyond a doubt. I have so many varieties and so many, well, just plain so many I’ve lost count. These garden design tips are basically a catalog of my favorite varieties but not my final list by any means!

Garden Design Tips – Annual and Perennial, What’s the Difference Anyway?

I have to admit when I was younger I was clueless what the difference was. I can remember asking my mother over and over again how you could tell them apart and which was better. This garden design tip should be titled Annual or Perennial – Ode to Mother.

How to Plant Your Roses

Learn the most important things to consider when planting your roses to make the most out of your gardening experience. Is the soil healthy? Roses require nutritious soil aside from sunlight in order to survive.

Making Your Own Indoor Garden

Indoor gardens in the home can be a great way to provide fresh produce and herbs into your meals. Setting one up can be easier than it seems.

Learn to Care For Your Knockout Roses

Knockout Roses are considered a rose of the 21st century. They are a very hardy rose that blooms several times a year. They are very easy to maintain meaning caring for knockout roses are a cinch. They are a strain of roses that are very resilient to disease; in fact they are the most disease resistant rose on the market today. There are many different colors to choose from, allowing…

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