How to Buy and Care for Winter Plants in Hassle Free Containers.

A Quick Guide to Lawn Fertilizing

Fertilizing is one of the most important factors that affect the growth of your lawn. Proper fertilizing provides color and growth to your lawn grass and also helps it to grow thick. Learn more about lawn fertilizing in this short guide.

Sunflowers – A Complete Guide to Selecting and Growing

You can successfully grow sunflowers, one of the most widely recognized flowers of all time. This large flower blooms in a wide variety of yellows, pinks, and even reds. The many varieties have something to offer gardeners of any age regardless of space limitations. So let’s get busy and you will have a garden to be proud of in no time.

Herb Gardening Tips and Advice For A Great Herb Garden

An herb garden can be grown in a planter hung outside of your window if you happen to live in an apartment building where growing a large garden is prohibited. To start your own herb garden, you’ll need to decide which kind you want to grow.

Creating a Beautiful Backyard Oasis with a Water Garden

Are you looking for something to add a little spice to your already blooming garden? Why not make that beautiful garden into a backyard oasis? Add a simple, yet elegant water garden to create an exotic feel and make your friends and neighbors envy you.

Arbor and Trellis for the Garden – An Invitation to Your Escape

Your backyard can be just as enticing a destination as a white sand beach or a cabin in the mountains. One way to achieve this is with a welcoming entryway that encourages curiosity and urges exploration. After all when you walk into a resort you remember the first things you see and they leave an impression. So why not try an arbor and trellis for the garden to lead guests into your backyard retreat.

How To Keep The Bugs Out of Your Garden

You have worked for many hours on planning, preparing and planting your garden. Only to have those annoying pests then move in and destroy what you worked so hard to build up. Insects can damage your plants within a matter of hours once they’ve found the fruits of your labor.

Successful Gardening in Small Spaces

An effective garden doesn’t mean it has to be huge and hold tons of plants. Not everyone has the space for a garden like that, but they can grow thriving plants in a small area as long as there’s access to sunlight.

Improve Your Family’s Diet by Growing an Organic Garden

Organic gardening allows you to put food on the table for your family and know exactly what you’re putting on the table instead of just taking a chance that you’re not putting anything harmful into your family’s mouths.

Etageres – Another Great Option for the Homeowner

Etageres are difficult to pronounce, yes, but they do provide another storage option for the average homeowner. Etageres are versatile pieces of furniture that allow homeowners to add storage spaces in small areas. Usually etageres are known as the miniature versions of the backers rack and in fact they do serve the function of a bakers rack admirably. However their main use is in storing smaller items like glassware or even act as a display case. Etageres have also been described as the bakers’ rack of the bathroom.

Got Any Lawn Care Advice For Dealing with Clippings?

Bagging clipping is dumb! Here’s some lawn care advice with three proven reasons why.

Lighting Considerations in Indoor Hydroponics

Lighting is of crucial importance to plant growth and plays a key role in determining plant yields. Hydroponics growing equipment manufacturers have, therefore incorporated a wide range of lighting system designs to meet specific requirements of different plants that are grown in indoor grow rooms.

Are Avoidable Watering Woes Creating Your Lawn Care Problems?

Are you guilty of the three most common self inflicted lawn care problems?

Growing Tomatoes – 3 Tips to Enjoying Juicy – Delicious Tomatoes this Summer

Growing tomatoes is easy. Read the 3 most important things you have to get right – to enjoy juicy, delicious tomatoes this summer.

A Few Bonsai Basic Keypoints

Learn the basics key elements of a bonsai tree in its Japanese form.

How To Make Your Own Wooden Bird Feeder

You can make your wooden bird feeder as simple or extravagant as you desire, according to your level of expertise. Those who are more adept with the tools of woodworking, may want to try their hand at making a wooden castle bird feeder. The idea behind this is to have all the stools on each side of the castle manufactured so as to stick out for the birds to eat their food out of.

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