How to Best care for Fruit Trees

Round Hot Tubs

There are many different shapes and sizes of hot tubs on the market now from round hot tubs to square as well as rectangular one, and even small 2 person hot tubs and every other shape the manufactures can think of to make it more interesting and different. When looking at the different shapes of spa’s, think what you would be using your hot tubs for, as the size and shape of the hot tub is just as important as how many jets and gadgets the hot tub has.

All About Submersible Pumps

Much of the nation lives in cities, or close enough to them to have all of the amenities; Cable television, conveniently located post office, and, of course, water.

4 Great Reasons To Interplant Herbs & Flowers With Your Vegetable Crops

Interplanting just means growing several different plants amongst each other. There are many benefits to growing herbs and flowers throughout your vegetable crops – one is that they look great, combining beauty and purpose.

Indoor Gardening Tips For Healthy Plants

Indoor gardening tips are essential for healthy, lush plants. Follow these simple indoor gardening tips and you will add some color and spark to your home.

What Is IPM?

The truth is, we create most of our own problems…

Producing A Peaceful Haven With Outside Lighting

Not surprisingly outdoor lighting is quickly proving to be one of the most demanded services asked of landscaping specialists. Hardly surprising landscape lighting is rapidly establishing itself as one of the most requested services asked of gardening companies. Still, outside lighting is not actually a specialty area that needs extensive knowledge to organize. It is by and large a piece of cake to install and will make a spectacular difference in the appeal of your home after sundown.

Organic Container Gardening – No Garden? No Problem

Find out how you can have a great organic garden even if you don’t have a yard with organic container gardening.

Sex In The Garden

Sex in the garden? Not the kind of sex in a garden that you would expect from some movie inspired by a D. H. Lawrence novel…

Spring Cleaning- Tackling the Yard

Everybody has to do some sort of spring cleaning. Why not start in your yard? This will get you outside and away from being stuck in the house. Here’s a few tips to get you started.

Practical Ecology – How to Plant A Tree

A great investment in the value of your home – the future!

Sex in the Garden, Part 2

You have done something as old as mankind, and as new as genetic engineering!

Recycle Those Clippings

Thinking of bagging those lawn clippings? Don’t do it! Just back away from the bagger.

The Top Five Greenhouse Accessories

A greenhouse can give you a lot more choice in what you grow in your garden but there are quite a few things to consider when building one. Find out more about the top 5 accessories every greenhouse should include.

Start Your Garden Planning Now – Your Fall Garden

Start Now! Springtime is upon us, so it is time to start thinking about your garden. I already see an erratic array of gardeners buzzing around like June bugs on a summer night here in my native East Texas.

Your Mission For The Day – Butcher That Tree

Take the top out of that tree. Great Idea! Let’s just whack of the top, wherever we like…

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