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Q: I have a peach tree that is about 4 many years aged and it has been creating some genuinely very good peaches. Previous calendar year, it produced peach leaf curl in the spring. That summer season, it didn’t generate a lot fruit, and the fruit that did produce was not as excellent as it experienced been in former years. The following winter, I dealt with the tree with Liqui-Cop and that appears to have taken care of the leaf curl. Now the branches glance diseased – the bark is coming off and the tree just seems to be unhappy. What can I do?

A: Peach leaf curl is a fungal ailment that affects peaches, nectarines, almonds and apricots. It impacts emerging leaves, shoots, flowers and sometimes fruit. The fungus results in irregular mobile expansion, ensuing in warty, red, distorted leaves. From time to time the an infection is gentle and doesn’t influence the tree way too considerably (except for the ugly leaves). If the an infection is intense, the tree will decrease mainly because the curled-up leaves just cannot produce food items for the plant.

After you know that your tree is affected, it’s as well late to deal with for that 12 months. Typically, the curled leaves will convert yellow, then brown, then drop off and be replaced with new leaves. This is annoying for the tree because it will take a whole lot of electricity to create all those added leaves. All that energy that could have gone into creating fruit has been applied to exchange leaves, so your crop could not be terrific that year. The most critical thing you can do at this stage is mark your calendar with a reminder to spray your tree in February (or right just before it will come out of dormancy).

Liqui-Cop is a treatment method that is obtainable in most yard facilities. In order to be productive, you should spray your tree even though it is still dormant and before bud split (when you can see pink or white peeking out from the swollen buds). In our region, this occurs suitable all over Valentine’s Working day, so we attempt to spray amongst the final week in January or the 1st week of February.

The image you sent me displays a distinctive problem. The bark is coming off of the tree and it appears to be like there is really a large amount of sap leakage because the remaining bark appears stained. If you glance carefully, you may see small holes in the exposed wooden. This signifies that your inadequate tree now has borers.

Shothole borers are incredibly destructive and almost not possible to treat. If the destruction was limited to one or two limbs, you can prune them away and preserve your fingers crossed. When there is hurt to the primary trunk or main branches, the tree is not likely to survive. At this position I advocate taking away the tree and changing it.

Are the borers linked with peach leaf curl? Possibly. Borers are extra likely to attack a tree that is pressured in some way. A couple yrs ago, we skilled an early, severe heat wave followed by wind and drought circumstances. Afterwards that year, we had to clear away quite a few trees that grew to become infested with borers. If the leaf curl was extreme, it could have stressed your tree plenty of to make it vulnerable to borer assault.

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