How I Grow Cabbage

How To Care For Garden Tools

Whether you’ve got a small container garden on the patio or a large plot filling half your back yard, every gardening chore is easier with the right tools at hand. Collecting all the garden tools you need can be an expensive proposition, but if you…

Self-Sufficiency and Frugal Living

In these times of austerity many people are becoming more self-sufficient and turning to frugal living. There are many things you can do to become self-sufficient and live the frugal life; grow your own vegetables, become a keeper of hens, being creative in the kitchen and exchanging your produce for something else that you need rather than exchanging cash. There are many possibilities to becoming more self-sufficient and living frugally.

Successful Plant Selection! The Secret Lies in The Soil

In Spring, we are eager to visit our local garden centres to purchase new plants and are often tempted by the displays of seasonal flowering plants and shrubs. However, once planted, many people become disappointed when some of the new plants show signs of distress or die, even though they have been given plenty of ‘TLC’.

Common Diseases of the Leylandii

If you want to keep your Leylandii for a long time, you ought to know the common diseases that may attack your trees. Knowing the symptoms seen on the tree will enable you to detect them at an early stage hence provide a solution the quickest time possible and avoid letting the disease reach a state beyond recovery.

Easy Gardening Tips For May

You don’t have to have a green thumb to be a successful gardener. Plant just about any type of vegetable or flower in May for great results by summer.

Grow Your Own Superfoods

If all the grow your own thing is getting a bit overwhelming, or you don’t have time or the resources to grow all the crops your family needs to survive, opt for the best options and just grow your own superfoods! There are so many fruits and vegetables we can grow that are packed full of the good stuff…

How To Grow A Container Garden

Planting in containers can in some instances be a good alternative method of gardening, especially if you are limited for space. Or perhaps you have a patio or driveway that you would like to brighten up with some summer blooms. Below is a guide on how to plant in containers.

Slug Traps Are an Environmentally Friendly Way of Slug Control

Slugs are the bane of every gardener across the country. And given our mild winter and our seemingly continuous damp weather slug number in the garden are greater than ever. This will have led to much ravaged cabbage in your vegetable garden and miserable looking hostas in your herbaceous borders.

Growing a Culinary Herb Garden

Herbs have played an important element in man’s life – not just in cooking and health but also in romance and love, religion and superstition and yes – politics as well. An herb is a seed plant that does not grow with the usual woody stem as with the tree but can live long and develop seeds and flowers. Growing herbs in this day and age can be very advantageous because herbs are very much useful these days.

Growing and Caring for Roses

Roses are perhaps one of our favourite garden flowers. Their colourful scented blooms epitomise the English garden. Making sure you choose the right planting position and create the correct conditions for healthy growth will ensure that you have plenty of flowers throughout the summer. Here is a short guide on how to plant and care for roses in your garden.

How To Add Contrast With Garden Plants

A great way to make a garden more interesting is to add color and contrast to your garden plants. While contrast with color is most important, contrast in shape and texture is also important. Gardens with bold contrasting colors and shapes can make…

Hydroponics, What A Way To Grow!

Why are more and more people turning to hydroponic indoor gardening instead of the usual outside soil gardening? What is hydroponic growing and how does it differ from soil gardening? How easy or difficult is it to obtain and set up an indoor hydroponic garden? Where would I put an indoor garden? All these questions and more will be answered in my following article: HYDROPONICS! What a WAY TO GROW!

Factors That Influence the Absorption of Hydroponics Nutrients

The art of hydroponics might be considered simply making sure that your plants are able to absorb just enough minerals to grow big and yield well. Hydroponics growers have the advantage of being able to manipulate their nutrient solution to anything they desire. Unfortunately, even the most perfectly balanced nutrient solution in the world will not do you much good if you do not pay attention to numerous other factors.

Growing Your Own Food in Mediterranean Climates to Save Money and for Pleasure

If you’re shocked to see that a single tomato can cost up to a dollar, you might like to consider growing your own. Its amazing how easy and rewarding it is – and Mediterranean climates are ideal. Even if you think that gardening is difficult, you can easily grow cheap, tasty food that you can really connect with. For me, this last reason has become the most important; its easy not to appreciate food from the store, letting it rot in the fridge until you throw it out. But if it took you a few months to grow that food, and you watched it slowly getting bigger and ripening, each vegetable becomes almost sacred. It adds an entirely new dimension to your food. This article describes five easily-grown crops that suit the Californian climate and provide maximum reward for minimum effort.

Beyond Garden Variety Garden Furniture

Gardens are among the most civilized of human habitats. Visually evocative and yet functional garden furniture is an important part of the lives that people enjoy in their gardens. Poets have written about gardens. Novels have been based around…

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