Homegrown tomatoes are proof that God loves us!


Lawn Care Tips

A well-maintained lawn, pleasing to the eyes, is a great asset. Many people try to keep their lawn in perfect condition, and take extra trouble to make their lawn the talk of the neighborhood. However, developing an ideal lawn is an elaborate affair, and the right knowledge is of vital importance. Lawn care guidelines can be of immense help for those aspiring to have a dream lawn of their own.

Mosquito Magnets

According to a large number of researchers across the world children are natural mosquito magnets, as well as the aged and the ill. The reasons for this are still a mystery, but all the same the medical fraternity does agree to this finding, because they find that the largest number of malaria cases are amongst children, followed by the others.

Residential Mail Boxes

A residential mailbox is a container that is properly shaped and sized to conform to United States Postal Service standards for the depositing of mail to be picked up. The residential mailboxes are situated on, next to, or nearby a house or apartment, so that the resident occupant can easily access and retrieve mail that has been addressed to him or her. There are many types of residential mailboxes available on the market. You can choose among wood, metal, or plastic, and from the various designs and flairs that mailbox designers offer.

Patio Furniture

A patio is a pleasant indoor and outdoor space that can be used for dining and entertaining or relaxing. The aim of a patio is to bring the outdoors in. A patio is an extension of the rooms inside of your home, and it should be furnished accordingly. The look should be a coordinated effort involving the furniture you choose and the general décor that surrounds it.

Lawn Care

A lush green lawn suitably created in the front or back yard of a house greatly enhances the appeal of a house. A lawn in front of a house provides a sense of openness to the inhabitants and adds to the beauty of the house.

Greenhouse Gardening

A greenhouse is the perfect solution for an enthusiastic gardener who feels restless during fall and winter when the garden is bare, reduced to a barren patch of branches and twigs. A greenhouse extends the growing season and reduces the amount of money spent on seeds every year. It doesn’t have to be expensive, and you can fit it into any free space you have in your garden. It will provide your plants and flowers a warm and dry environment when the environment outside is inhospitable.

Outdoor Garden Furniture

Your outdoor garden furniture is very much exposed to all the elements, so it makes sense to take extra efforts to keep them looking new. With correct maintenance, you can prolong the life of any type of outdoor furniture and get the most value for your money. Read on to find out how.

Wooden Bird Feeders

Wooden bird feeders make a nice addition to any back yard or patio. They are great to give as gifts, especially for someone who enjoys bird watching. A bird feeder can provide a great deal of joy, as well as keep backyard birds very happy.

Wild Flowers of New York

Wild Flowers of New York are of great species and with a large variety. It certainly interests any kind of flower lover. Wild flowers are beautiful, fragrant and colorful. Wild flowers also can be grown in gardens as well. These flowers have mixed hybrid varieties that are grown in different colors and characteristics.

Caring For Orchids Is a Wonderfully Rewarding Experience

What is it about Orchids? They are one of the world’s most beautiful flowers and have a dedicated following. One Orchid enthusiast was quoted as saying that ‘Orchids are like potato chips. You can’t have just one; you start with one on the kitchen windowsill, then you’ve got them lining every window in the house. You map out orchid nurseries to visit on your vacation, and your birthday and Christmas wish lists contain nothing but orchids and potting supplies’.

Lawn Care and Maintenance

This article provides practical guidance on how to care for and maintain your lawn in perfect condition. It also gives advice on how to renovate a neglected lawn and turn in back into a lawn to be proud of.

Tips For Creating New Plants For Free

Tips for creating new plants for free includes seed saving, taking cuttings, plant division and more. What better way to add to your garden than by meeting with other gardeners and sharing plants, knowledge and companionship?

Choosing A Wedding Gazebo

Thinking of entertaining in the backyard. The wedding gazebo can be a quick and easy way to turn your patio into a beautiful space for gathering with your friends and family.

About Plant Fertilizer and Their Composition

Learn the composition of plant fertilizer and what nutrients are required for beautiful plants.

Outdoor Fireplace Design

The trend of building outdoor fire pits and fireplaces is catching on at a fast pace. Outdoor fireplaces come in many designs and themes and are available in portable and custom models. Outdoor fireplaces are to be built according to local codes, which usually specify the firebricks to be used. Two important factors are safe design and ventilation.

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