Homegrown PAPRIKA!!! I’ve Waited for this ALL SUMMER!!

How to Make Upside Down Tomato Planters

Making your own tomato planters is extremely easy and much less expensive then buying one. This article will show you how to make upside down tomato planters for your garden. Not only do they take up less space there is no stake or trellis hassle!

Easy Tips For Growing Roses Organically

The typical way to grow roses is with the use of chemicals and synthetic products. However, with the current obsession with all things healthy, more and more people are turning to growing roses organically.

Indoor Tomatoes – Can I Grow Cherry Tomatoes in a Container?

Thinking about starting an indoor garden? Tomatoes are one of the most used fruits in households across the United States. Growing cherry tomatoes in a container is possible and possibly profitable. Learn some tips about indoor tomatoes before you start.

Planting Tomatoes – How Much Sun Do Tomato Plants Need?

I am often asked “how much sun do tomato plants need?”. There are so many misconceptions about tomato plant sunlight exposure. Many people think that more sun is better but this is not necessarily true. You should consider a few factors before planting your tomatoes.

Watering Tomatoes – How Often Should Tomato Plants Be Watered?

Have you struggled with your tomato plants? Although tomatoes are one of the easier things to grow you can have a mess on your hands if your tomato plants are getting too much or too little water. Watering Tomato plants is a learning processes. If your tomato plants are wilting or rotting you may be asking your self “how should tomato plans be watered?”

Gardens Can Flourish in July Despite Hot Temperatures, Water Rationing

New watering restrictions come just as July heat typically takes its toll on landscapes and gardens. However, prudent planning using drought-tolerant plants, watering schedules and soil preparation can mean gardeners can still enjoy beautiful landscapes despite sizzling summer days and newly enacted water rationing.

Protect Your Vegetables From Garden Pests

Rest assured there will always be insects in your garden – good and bad, but do you ever wonder if that bug you found in the garden is a friend or foe? To keep your garden healthy and free from the bugs that eat your vegetables and plants for lunch, learn to identify the bad bugs early, and let the good bugs go ahead and do their work unhindered, as they help by feeding on your plants predators and also help in pollination.

Intensive Gardening – Planting Your Crops

Tips you should know when planning to plant your intensive garden. Timing is very important with this method of gardening. Starting out small and just planting the crops you enjoy is the best way to get involved in this method of gardening.

Garden Care – How to Improve the Look of Your Lawn

If you are like me you take pride in the appearance of your lawn. It sets off your property and shows everyone else that you care about your garden. However, also if you are like me, passing inspection at a distance isn’t good enough and the presence of moss and weeds in your lawn simply means that it doesn’t not pass close inspection. Fortunately, there are quite a few things you can do which will help your lawn improve in appearance both at a distance and close up.

Bonsai Care – Ground Cover Choices

Bonsai trees are such a beautiful and wonderful display. They bring such peace and beauty to their surroundings. It is important to remember that this art form is unique because not only are these bonsai trees works of art, but they are living works of art. Bonsai care is more than just tending to the plant’s needs but tending to the physical beauty as well.

Bonsai Tree Care – The Importance of Soil

Proper bonsai tree care is important if your goal is to grow a beautiful healthy tree that can be enjoyed for a very long time. There are many aspects to maintaining the health and beauty of your bonsai tree. Obviously, proper watering and feeding is a priority and is an obvious choice in your bonsai tree care plan.

Garden Composter – What is Garden Compost?

Put simply, compost is decomposed organic matter. So those leaves breaking down on the forest floor are compost, as too are the bodies at the cemetery. All organic matter lives, then dies and breaks down into different qualities of compost.

Garden Composter – Do You Need a Compost Accelerator?

So you’re a happy with your garden composter. You’ve got your garden compost bin slowly filling with garden waste and kitchen scraps. But you keep hearing mention of using a Compost Activator, accelerator or starter.

Small Garden Composters Start With a Beehive Compost Bin

If you are a new to garden composting and have little space for a Garden Composter you may be concerned with how the garden compost bin will impact on the garden. I would recommend new home composters with small gardens to start with a beehive compost bin if possible. It is true that in many gardens the home made compost pile is often a rather untidy affair, and the bought garden compost bin is often not a beautiful option either, all brown or green plastic.

Companion Planting – Sweet Corn in Your Intensive Garden

Sweet corn is a crop that has many benefits when used in your companion planting practices. It has many common crops that are grown in the home gardens that it will benefit and will benefit it.

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