Herbs that Grow Best in Mountain Gardens

Tomatoes the Basics

There are three types of tomatoes: varieties made for slicing, such as beefsteak tomatoes; sauce varieties with good flavor and a firm texture such as roma tomatoes; and cherry tomatoes for salads. When you purchase tomato plants from a nursery, consider several factors. The first is the ultimate size of the plant.

Herb Garden Layout

Growing your own herb garden is quick and simple and serves as an excellent way to reap some of the many benefits of herbs by collecting them right out of your own front yard. But before you start planting, it is important to create an herb garden plan which will help you layout your herb garden aesthetically and functionally.

How Much Water Does Your Garden Need?

There is nothing better than eating fresh produce grown in your very own backyard garden. Whether you have an acre or 20 square feet to work with, growing and tending to your own special patch of land can be immeasurably therapeutic and relaxing while filling you with as much enjoyment as your delicious crop fills your stomach. Inexperienced gardeners are “green” when it comes to the ins and outs of gardening, and for many, even watering their crop raises many questions that need be answered.

The Right Amount of Water Keeps Your Lawn Looking Its Best

You know the guy. He might be your next-door neighbor. He might live just down the street. Everyone knows him by the piece of grass he tends that puts even the greens at Pebble Beach to shame. What is his secret? How is his grass so green and lush, so full of life and vitality? Your lawn is veritable desert wasteland, yellow and brown in areas and greenest where the neighborhood dogs do their business. What does he know that you don’t?

Keeping Soil in Place on a Sloping Lawn

Sloping lawns can present a challenge for landscaping, mowing, and keeping soil healthy and in place. Soil and water runoff from bordering slopes in a lawn can be starting points for mudslides and messy flooding. There definitely exists a need for growth on a slope, if only to prevent erosion, but what are the best choices, and how should the decision be made of what to plant?

Adding Value to Your Property Through Gardening

During this difficult time for home owners getting the right price tag is more important than even. All property shows advise that pitching our property in the right way will increase chances of selling, but it is now crucial to add those extra thousands on the asking price that means the seller has made a profit rather than a loss. A well looked after garden can add between 10 and 15 percent value to your house.

Organic Veggie Garden & Herb Garden

Would you like to plant an Organic Veggie Garden and Herb Garden? Learn everything you need to know before you start planting your Organic Veggie & Herb Garden.

A Quick and Easy Guide to the Different Types of Hydroponic Gardening

With the hydroponics system, any gardener would be hard pressed to find a reason to go back to traditional gardening. Finding the right hydroponics systems for your needs is a difficult decision.

Feeding and Sheltering Backyard Birds As the Seasons Change

The transition from winter into summer for our backyard birds can be very stressful. Winter has reduced the available amount of natural foods at a time when birds are establishing nesting territories and competing for nesting cavities. What can you do to help? Bird feeders, bird houses, and a fresh source of water can greatly enhance our birds in the backyards ability to cope with the changing seasons.

Building an Orchid Greenhouse – Five Things You Absolutely Must Know

Love orchids? How much? If you’re really into orchids, consider having your own orchid greenhouse.

Attracting Hummingbirds

Attracing hummingbirds is as easy as putting out a hummingbird feeder. While many may enjoy these little jewels throughout the summer months, others may only enjoy them during migration. What ever the case may be, just a small effort can offer big rewards.

You Can Do Container Vegetable Gardening – Grow Your Own in Pots

As the proud owner of a tiny vegetable plot one of the easiest ways to increase my plot is to grow vegetables in containers. Container vegetable gardening has become very popular to the point the seed companies now have special varieties for growing vegetables in containers. You cannot always use just any plants because some varieties like a wide spread root system while others grow perfectly well with a smaller root set.

Differences in Opinion – Stories From the Garden

Mr and Mrs Smith talk about their different experiences of Gardening. Mr John Smith. Every time we pass a gardening centre, without fail my wife will want to pull over to have a look. I know that sometimes she denies it but I can see that familiar expression etching itself into her face as we trundle past, her eyes clouding over as she imagines the possibilities of the gems inside, lying in wait to be bought and given a loving home.

Feed the Birds and Make a World of Difference

Create a more natural, environmentally safe insect control for your garden and lawn by inviting birds into your yard. By creating a bird friendly habitat you can reduce the use of dangerous pesticides. You can start today by putting up a bird feeder. Then consider planting habitat in your yard to attract more birds. If you provide the food, water, and shelter for the birds, the birds will provide you with the safe, effective insect control that will make our world a safe place to live.

Insecticidal Soap Catastrophe!

I found a site that gave specific formula amounts, 2 Tbsp Ivory dish soap to 1 quart water. I was advised to put this in a spray bottle and spray each leaf liberally with the solution and to leave the solution on the plant. I went through the garden and sprayed everything and sprayed all of my container plants, not just the one Cherry Tomato. The next day I checked the plants and found that ALL of them seem to be suffering from sun burn.

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