Herbicide Enhancer

Hot Bed – A Simple Greenhouse

A hot bed can be constructed the old fashioned way with fresh manure and organic matter, or with electric heating cables. Either way, it is an ideal structure to use to start seedlings in the spring and root cuttings in midsummer.

Feeding Your Bonsai Tree

Getting the proper nutrients to your bonsai is important for good growth. Here’s some methods you can use to make sure your tree is fed properly.

Worried About Garden Pests? Why Not Let Nature Do The Work!

Instead of dousing your plants with harsh chemicals that are bad for the environment learn how to attract these predators that will help you get rid of garden pests.

Australian Orchids

Australia boasts over 1200 different types of orchids somewhat unique methods of encouraging pollination.

Maintenance Free Vinyl Gazebo

The maintenance free vinyl gazebo is made of good and strong materials available on the market, it is sometimes designed to look like a wrought iron gazebo. There are many ready gazebo kits that you can buy and assemble by yourself without any problem

The 2 Most Common Weed Problems Faced By Lawn Owners

Know what the 2 most common weed problems that every lawn owner faced? Read this article to find out!

Add Nighttime Function to Your Home with Outdoor Lighting

Would you like to increase the amount of time that you can spend outdoors at your home? Having the right scheme of outdoor lighting to allow for nighttime use of an area is the most important factor for allowing you to do this. The types of lighting you should consider using to enhance your outdoor area include: porch or patio lighting, garden or landscape lighting, and path lighting.

Espalier – The Art of Training Your Tree

Learn to train your tree or plant to grow vertically instead of out in all directions. Maximize your privacy while minimizing the space used. Espalier – The Art of Training Your Tree

Rose Gardening Can be Rewarding, Especially When You Start Landscaping With Roses

Rose gardening can be enormously rewarding, and if you find you get a great deal of enjoyment from your roses, then landscaping with roses may be something you should consider doing.

Cold Frame – A Simple Greenhouse

A cold frame is an ideal structure to protect small seedlings in the spring before they are ready to set in the garden. It will help harden off theses small plants. It may also be used to over winter small perennials and shrubs in pots.

The Beauty and Grace of Flower Fairies

Among the legendary creatures that have helped shaped our imagination as children are fairies. My daughter began her fascination with after receiving a gift from her grandmother. She gave her a story book filled with illustrations of Flower Fairies and even now she is still enchanted by them.

Remove Crabgrass Once and For All and Forever

Crabgrass is an annual weed that invades many homeowner’s lawns come July and August. The good news is that with advanced planning, not only can you get rid of all of the crabgrass, but you can also have the healthiest lawn on the block!

Enhance Your Garden With Flowering Trees

Learn about 5 favorite types of flowering trees for your landscape.

Algae Blooming: Murray Blue Green Algae

The algae are a polyphyletic and paraphyletic group of organisms. They are defined in differing ways, but are usually considered to be the photosynthetic organisms excepting plants. Using the term ‘plants’ in its most restrictive fashion, the algae are then photosynthetic organisms excepting the sister group to the Charales (i.e. the land plants).

Fall Lawn and Garden Pests

With the cool weather of the fall season, most lawn and garden pests and diseases begin to dwindle away. Yet, there are a few lawn and garden pests that thrive off of the cool temperatures of the fall season. One good point about fall lawn and garden pests is that they won’t have the chance to…

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