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Bonsai Tree Soil

Let’s set the record straight, there is dirt, there is loam, and then there is Bonsai Soil. These are not at all the same thing. Most dirt is just that, a combination of many things, rocks, debris, clay, and sand.

PVC Greenhouses – How to Build One on a Budget

So you’ve decided you want to make your very own garden greenhouse. Maybe you’re feed up with paying too much at the grocery store for produce that tastes like Styrofoam. Or perhaps you really want to start doing you’re part to help the environment; maybe you just love getting your hands in a new bag of potting soil and growing stuff from seeds.

Snails and Gardening

Snails and slugs love your vegetables and flowers. In particularly moist ares like the northwest they can be a real problem. There are pesticides to use if they are a big problem but most people prefer to use natural methods so we will focus on a few of those here.

Growing Ageratum Houstonianum

Learn to grow the beautiful annual, Ageratum houstonianum, also known as floss flower, in your own home garden. This tender flowering plant produces gorgeous blue blossoms in spring and summer, and it requires only minimal maintenance to survive in most landscapes.

Space Saving Tips For Growing Vegetables!

Have a crowded or small vegetable garden? This article will explain many different ways that you can grow more vegetables in less space!

Why it Pays to Grow Your Own Herbs

Growing herbs sounds a lot more difficult than it actually is but in fact, it’s one of the easiest things to do. Unlike growing other plants, herbs are resistant to more diseases and need only the three main ingredients to grow. Sun, soil and water.

Creating a Simple Compost Pile!

Composting is great for your garden and the environment. Here is how to do it.

How to Save Vegetable Seeds For Planting Next Season!

Saving seeds is a great way to both save money and ensure that you will have the same great vegetables next year that you enjoyed this year. Some varieties of plants (hybrid) do not do well saving seeds.

What is the Best Venus Flytrap Soil?

If you are wondering what the best venus flytrap soil is, I am so glad that you found this article! The best medium in which to grow your venus flytrap plant is not soil at all! Looks like you found us just in time.

How to Control Flea Beetles in Your Home Vegetable Garden

They affect just about every vegetable but will go after your tomatoes more so than anything else. Learn how to control and eliminate these home vegetable gardening pests.

Growing Lime Trees Indoors – Five Tips to Growing an Indoor Lime Tree

Do you like to cook with limes or use them as a garnish for your favorite drinks? Now you can grow limes of your very own with a fragrant and handsome indoor lime tree. Here are five tips to help you grow a lime tree indoors…

Rose Garden Care For a More Beautiful Rose Garden

Roses have a reputation for being the bad boys of the garden. That they are finicky and hard to care for. However keep in mind that roses have been growing in the wild for thousands of years with no assistance from anyone and they are still around and doing very well.

Organic Gardening Pest Control – Some Insects Can Help You

Pests are harmful insects which are detrimental to the growth of plants. To have a healthy and prosperous organic garden, one must adopt various ways to eliminate these pests. However, using pesticides can defeat the whole purpose of organic gardening. Pesticides are harmful chemicals which are likely to enter our system through the vegetables and fruits we cultivate.

Using Bollard Lights to Improve Your Garden

Bollard lights are outdoor lights that are enclosed in cylinder shaped posts. Those posts were originally all in a cylinder shape but today these lights are also created in square shapes. Bollard was the name of the posts where you tied the boats when you came to dock.

How to Make Your Own Bonsai Soil

If your local garden supply center does not sell bonsai soil they most likely do sell all the components you need to make bonsai soil at home. There are three basic things you need to make bonsai soil.

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