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Making Compost – Alchemy at its Best

Compost is the answer to problems a gardener faces every day or seeks not to face at all. I will let sandy soil hold water and clay soil drain water. The great water holding source will open the soil and let in the air so necessary for good soil and plant health. Sick plants will often recover in a “hospital plant bed” consisting mostly of compost. Just what is this magical material and how does one get it?

Save Your Bonsai Tree By Replacing Your Bonsai Pot

So you’ve got a Bonsai tree. Either, you’ve grown it from seed; unlikely. Bought it from a specialist or garden center- more likely, or been given one as a present- a lot more likely.

Easy Care Herbs For Your Culinary Herb Garden

If you have ever wanted to start growing your own herbs, here are some easy care plants to get you started. Chives – These herbs are not a bit picky about where they live or how rich the soil is. It has been my experience that chives will grow and thrive no matter where they are planted.

Create a Hummingbird Habitat to Attract More Hummingbirds

Are you having trouble attracting hummingbirds? Sometimes hanging a feeder is simply not enough. Consider creating a hummingbird habitat.

Playing in Dirt Has Environmental, Aesthetic, Nutritious and Health Benefits

Every homeowner appreciates the view of surrounding yard, filled with vegetation; bursting into new life in spring, blooming in summer, changing colors in fall and dormant in winter under the peaceful, white blanket of snow. After digging and planting for long, many times sweaty hours, growth and flowering are priceless rewards for the gardener as well as the pleasing visual focal point for passers-by.

Lucky Bamboo Plants Care Tips

Lucky Bamboo plants care tips are very easy and do not require too much time from the owner. In fact, these plants can grow for years without much effort from the owner.

What are Wireless Weather Stations?

With the recent event and natural disasters I began to think recently about a few things. One of my biggest questions during my thoughts is: What happens if the weather gets so bad that the power goes out or even a new station loses broadcast with us? What do we do if we don’t know what the next few moments could bring or even the next day? Then I began to search around and I found a handy tool that may be just what we all need- a wireless weather station.

The Benefits Of A Reel Mower

Pushing a heavy lawn mower can be exhausting and a great alternative is to use a reel mower. It is very simple to use as well as safe.

Bamboo Plant Is A Viable Staple Food

People know that bamboo culms are versatile material that can be made into furniture, durable fences around the backyard, and even into habitable houses.

How To Grow Organic Walnuts – One Of The Top10 Super-Foods

Walnuts – are an excellent source of plant based omega 3 fatty acids, known for fighting heart disease. They are also packed with micronutrients, antioxidants and plant sterol, which lower cholesterol. Walnut trees prefer deep, rich, well drained soils with regular watering through summer and plenty of light.

Enriching the Land and Enriching Our Lives

In our previous article we talked about how important it is to keep our topsoil enriched, so that it has the vitality to maintain itself. We mentioned that erosion – the manmade variety, not the natural type – has become one of the most severe environmental problems today. Here, we’ll discuss how to keep your topsoil at the ‘top of its game’. One of the keys to modern sustainable farming is crop rotation.

How To Get Rid Of Couch Grass

Couch grass is one of the most common weeds you’ll come across in your garden or on your vegetable plot. This article explains how to eradicate it by organically as well as chemical means.

How To Get Rid Of Horsetail

Horsetail, also known as Mare’s tail, is a gardeners worst nightmare. This article offers information on how to treat it organically as well as chemically.

How To Get Rid Of Bindweed

Bindweed is a perennial herbaceous climber that will easily invade your garden if left to it. This article explains how to treat bindweed organically as well as with chemicals.

How To Get Rid Of Japanese Knotweed

Japanese knotweed is a UK super weed that is difficult to control, and illegal to grow in the wild. This article offers tips on how to handle Japanese Knotweed once it’s made its way in to your garden.

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