Happy Frog Potting Soil

Tips for Organic Farming

I really surprised myself by becoming involved with organic farming just if you are short years ago, and boy am I glad that I did. I was going through some tough times in my little home. I live in a small ranch style house in the California country, attempting to make a living as a handyman.

Chives Are A Wonderful Addition To Your Herb Garden Or Container Garden

How to grow chives in your herb garden or in a container garden with a bonus chive recipe that is not only elegant, but delicious too. The Chive is great addition to any herb garden.

An Old Friend – “Minibar Rose” Morning Glory

It is my pleasure to grow new plants, and it is my duty as a retailer to offer my customers the best of what the garden has to offer. Discover morning glories for uses around the house.

The Garden Arbor

Arbors are a great idea to add something to your garden or backyard, they are not very difficult or pricey, they are not something that will dominate your garden, they will however give you a great chance to choose a space and make it a little special.

Gazebo Kit – Saving Money and Time

Thinking of buying a gazebo? Getting a gazebo kit could be your answer to save time and more important, money.

The Planter

The planter we are discussing is the container type, not the job or profession type, even though they are obviously connected. Today you can find various kinds of planters in most states and countries, the difference in planters have better qualities

Retractable Awning – Outstanding Convenience

Want more usable outdoor living space? Take advantage of a retractable awning. Read on to learn more about this easy and convenient way to make your back yard be the envy of your friends.

A Weatherproof Outdoor Rocking Chair is a Necessity

The importance of an outdoor rocking chair being weatherproof is obvious. Here are the things to look for when selecting yours.

Herb Planters – 10 Tips For Maximum Results

Helpful things you need to know about getting the maximum results for growing herbs in containers and planters.

A Review of Martha Stewart

I started watching her television show, The Apprentice: Martha Stewart, which was a spin-off of Donald Trump’s popular series. She was actually rather impressive in the way that she handled herself. First of all, I had never even watched the original Trump series, so I don’t know why I wanted to watch the Martha Stewart series.

The Gazebo – Why Everyone Should Own One

Want your very own backyard resory? The gazebo can be the answer to making that happen.

Awning – A Great Home Or Business Feature

Want a great way to improve your outdoor living space? Check out this easy way to do it.

Choosing the Right Pots for Your Plants

Plants look best in flower pots that enhance their appearance and growth. This article contains tips for choosing flower pots for indoor plants, deck plants, and container gardens.

Increase Your Success When Transplanting Seedlings

You want your young seedlings to thrive when planting them out. Have you given consideration to timing, hardening off, the weather, watering, the soil and fertilizers?

Blinded By the Light

Did you know that often times the lights we install to help us to see at night actually hinder our ability to do so? It’s true. Sadly, improperly chosen outdoor lighting is almost the norm.

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