Growing Radish – Salad Rose – A Delicious Radish Variety!

Impatiens – A Flowering Plant That Knows the Value of Vibrant Color

Impatiens are a flowering plant that are well know for the tolerance to shade, while holding value for their vibrant colors. This flowering plant ranks among the top ten most popular annual because of there color and steady full summer blooms. A great choice of a dominant plant to be grown in containers, garden beds, and even window boxes that in shaded areas.

Home Vegetable Garden – Is Easier Than You Think!

Home Vegetable Garden is a rewarding experience as you end up with delicious and delectable plant harvest. The question that you have is whether you should begin a land garden or a Home Vegetable Garden container.

Fun With Garden Stakes

Transform your garden onto a gallery of stake sculpture! Garden stakes can add a special touch of color and whimsy to any garden area. Almost anything can become a garden stake. They come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes to choose from.

Hypertufa Sculpture – Step by Step Guide to Make Your Own Sculptures Using Hypertufa

Sculptures are great work of art that many people recognize. The work of art is as amazing as its value. Putting sculptures in your garden provides extra beauty that catches the vision of every person.

A Few Useful Garden Planting Tips

Garden planting is not just about putting seeds into the ground, watering them and waiting for them to grow. It is much more complicated than that. But at the same time, because of the effort that it takes, it is also much more rewarding than people think.

Growing Ferns in Pots and Baskets

Fern plants provide a handsome decoration for indoors or outdoors. There are many types of ferns available which can be grown in containers indoors, sheltered patios or courtyards. Most fern plants are grown in pots or hanging baskets but some like Staghorns and Elkhorns, can be wired to wooden uprights or boards.

How Do Earthworms Reproduce?

How do Earthworms reproduce? If you can imagine it, all Earthworms are natural Hermaphrodites. It means, it can produce both eggs and sperm.

3 Tips For Growing a Herb Garden

There are many types of gardens one could create: water, flower or vegetable. Perhaps one of the most interesting and fun ones would be an herb garden. Can you just imagine walking through the garden smelling all those exotic and delicate scents wafting through the air? So what are you waiting for – read this article to learn what you need to do to start your very own Herb Garden.

What Are Some of the Fantastic Uses of Herbs?

Have you ever considered the plethora of benefits Herbs provide us? Not only do they help spice up our food, but they are also used in numerous natural remedies. These wonders of nature are not to be taken for granted.

Benefits of Red Wiggler Worms For Pets

There are different kinds of worm species that can be cultured and/or purchased right away should you need them for ‘pet feeds’. And in this manner, you can definitely feed Red Wiggler Worms to your pets at home, as an alternative to what the markets are producing now (ex. turtle pellets, fish flakes, bird seeds).

Hypertufa Manual – The Unbiased Review of the Hypertufa How to Manual

This article will be providing you the inside view of the Hypertufa How To Manual. By reading this review, you then can decide whether if this book is essential for your intention of mastering hypertufa art.

Compost – What Fun!

Well-made compost is equal to and sometimes better than farm manure. Because it is organic there are not the environmental concerns of chemical fertilizers. And it is free! Or at least cheap.

10 Tips in This Tomato Growing Guide

Tomato growing is a very popular hobby for the home enthusiast gardener. Nearly all home gardeners will grow tomatoes either in their gardens or as container tomatoes at some stage. But what most tomato growers find out is that they are not quite as easy to grow as many other vegetables are. Find out how to plant and grow tomatoes.

Goldflame Spireas – 3 Seasons of Color

Do you want great garden color without having to tend to it all the time? This great bush has color in spring, summer, and fall, while not getting out of hand if ignored or not watered.

The Good, the Bad, and the Weevils

Well, the real world has taken over and so have the garden pests. Between the black spots and the lacy leaves, surrounding the burnt looking blooms that never opened, my roses look to be sorely neglected.

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