Green Every Winter Landscape should Have Planted

Pest Control – Japanese Beetles

The Japanese beetle is a very destructive insect pest both in its adult and larval stage. It is an alien invader that original arrived in the US about 80 years ago. In its native land of Japan, it is not the threat to plants that it is here because its natural enemies keep it under control. Not so here in the U.S.

Planting Kentucky Bluegrass

Kentucky bluegrass is a commonly seen type of grass in the United States. By learning more about this type of grass, you will be able to make it into a beautiful and relaxing lawn for you and your family.

America’s Ancient, Historical Hickory Trees

A detailed history of the native Hickory tree: In 1792, William Bartram reported in his book, Travels, the discovery of a native shagbark hickory nut that he called ‘Juglans exaltata.’ Today, shagbark hickory is called ‘Carya ovata.’ Bartram reported that this shagbark hickory grove was cultivated in groves by the Indians west of Augusta, Ga. Bartram documented that he saw 100 bushels of shagbark hickory nuts that were stored at just a single Indian family home. The nuts were…

It was 1 800 Flowers to the Rescue

I don’t really know why but I can’t seem to remember my grandmother’s birthday. I know that my grandmother was born on January 30th and I even have it written on my calendar. Of course, it really isn’t even necessary for me to have it written because I have it in my head.

Vegetable Gardening Tips – Why Vegetable Gardening is so Easy

Most vegetables like lots of sunlight. Especially green chile peppers, jalapenos and other southwestern chile.

Brighten Up That Plastic Flower Pot

You should prepare your peat pots and seedling trays if you are getting ready for the next growing season. You also need to have a stash of plastic flower pots that will receive your transplants. The lowly plastic pot is meant for this boring but necessary gardening and planting task. However, there are some outside the box uses of the humble plastic pot that can be used as a gift to a gardening friend.

Green House Gardening Tips and Tricks

If you live in a part of the world that makes traditional gardening hard what do you do? Turn to green house gardening!

Three Steps To Greener Lawn Grass

You do not have to be a professional gardener to have pleasant and green lawn grass. Provide lawn grass with three things and you may experience that the grass is greener on your side of the fence.

Estate Fencing: Beauty and Function

The art of estate fencing involves keeping your property protected from trespassers while maintaining its beauty. The goal is to find fencing materials and design that add appeal to your estate while keeping it secure.

String Trimmers for Your Garden

String trimmers are light machines on a slender shaft. The string trimmers are extremely useful for trimming tall hedges. Read about the string trimmers in this article.

Clematis – Versitle Vine In The Garden

Clematis is a very valuable and beautiful garden perennial. Of the over 230 species available, surely one will find a spot in your garden. Plant on trellises, fences, and among rose bushes. The Clematis is sure to make a powerful statement in your garden.

Care of Palm Trees

Palm trees love good soil. Be sure to ask for a good compost soil conditioner when purchasing palm trees.

Internet Florists Canada – How to Choose the Right Florist When You Buy Your Flowers Online

Here are some tips for when you order your flowers online in Canada – be sure you’re choosing the right florist for your gifting needs.

Your Beautiful Yard With Wrought Iron

Do you have any apprehensions in beautifying your yard? You have tried many techniques, but nothing works. The ultimate solution is Wrought Iron. Try it and see the results.

Growing Flowering Cherry Trees

Learn about the flowering cherry tree and some things you should take into consideration before you plant one.

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