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Crape Myrtle ‘Dynamite’ (PP 10296)

Description and planting and care instructions for Crape Myrtle ‘Dynamite’- the only Crape Myrtle with true red blooms.

Winterberry Holly ‘Red Sprite’

Description and planting and care instructions for Winterberry Holly ‘Red Sprite’- the most compact and popular holly.

An Introduction To Insects

It has been said that insects are the most successful life form on the planet. We have gone through many evolutionary changes but one thing remains the same – the insect.

Insect Bites

Insect bites mostly look like little red bumps on your skin that are often itchy. They are the result of an injection of a foreign substance into your skin. The introduction of this foreign substance may trigger an allergic reaction, depending on the sensitivity of the person to that substance.

Dangerous Insects

Just when you thought you were safe in your own home, safe from maniacs on the street, safe from lost and roaming wild animals in your local town, a small unassuming insect bites you, and for the next few days, you are fighting for your life. A mosquito, right in the comfort of your own home has brought this on you.

About Tree Seeds Germination Instructions

It is important to maintain the freshness of the seeds in order to facilitate proper germination. This is why we store all of our bonsai seeds in a refrigerator dedicated for this purpose. Therefore, in order to preserve their freshness until you are ready to begin the germination process, you can store the purchased seeds in the plastic bag we have provided.

Patio Furniture

In choosing the best outdoor furniture for your needs, it is important to scrutinize both style and the materials used in manufacturing the furniture. With most outdoor furniture, the materials used usually dictate the style and specially the durability of the furniture.

Outdoor Furniture Cushions

If your outdoor furniture is adorned with plush cushions, they may need to be updated or covered from year to year depending on the wear and tear they sustain. Cushions are available in a wide range of styles, colors and prices to accommodate all types of outdoor furniture including wicker, wood, metal and polypropylene. If you want a tropical feel to your patio or backyard, choose cushions that have wild Hawaiian prints or sultry, Key West palm trees.

Outdoor Furniture Covers

If you have outdoor furniture that can’t be stored indoors in bad or winter months, that you definitely need outdoor furniture covers. As a matter of fact, even people who live in warm, tropical climates purchase patio furniture to protect their furniture from the elements.

Portable Greenhouses

If you don’t want a greenhouse that takes too much space or one that is a permanent fixture in your backyard, a portable greenhouse is your best option. A portable greenhouse is also less expensive than a normal greenhouse and can be set up in a matter of minutes. Just like any other type of greenhouse, you can find a portable greenhouse construction kit at your local gardening store. There are many types of portable greenhouses, and you can choose one best suited to your needs and the available space. A portable greenhouse can also be used to cover a particular patch of vegetables or fruits. For instance, you can extend the growing season of your tomatoes up to fall.

Pond Fountains

If you have a body of water on your property, such as a pond or lake, you may want to install fountains in them. The same mechanism—a network of steel tubes and wirings that make fabricated water fountains function can be installed in natural or manmade lakes and ponds.

Home Greenhouses

If you love gardening and hate the winter months when your garden is for the most part bare, a greenhouse is the perfect solution. With a greenhouse, you can enjoy spring all year round, because a greenhouse is a gardener’s haven during winter. Just like normal gardening, greenhouse gardening can be your retreat to spend some time alone, reflect on your day and gather your thoughts while tending to your plants. A greenhouse in your backyard can be a perfect getaway during the cold, harsh winter. Enter your warm greenhouse any time of day, and you will be swept away by the refreshing scent of fresh flowers.

The Vast World of Outdoor Benches

If you’re looking for a way to add to the beauty of your outdoor environment, you may want to consider shopping for outdoor benches. Outdoor benches are a wonderful way to dress up the drabbest of patios or enhance the ambiance of the most beautiful garden. They also offer functional seating in any outdoor setting, making the benefits of owning outdoor benches just that much better.

How to Find That Perfect Outdoor Porch Furniture

Each and every year thousands of people undertake the adventure of shopping for outdoor porch furniture. Many of those people are soon overwhelmed with the vast array of choices available and the pros and cons that each type of outdoor porch furniture offers. Knowing what to look for in outdoor porch furniture can help make your purchasing decision much easier.

Teak Deck Furniture – The Choice of Luxury

If you are looking for outdoor furniture for your deck and you want quality furniture that exudes a sense of luxury and style, teak deck furniture is exactly what you need. No other wood furniture can come close to the excellence offered by teak deck furniture and while teak may be more expensive than furniture crafted from other materials, the benefits of this rare wood are well worth the price.

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