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The Symbolism and History of Sweet Pea Flowers

Sweet peas were a floral sensation in the late 1800s and are often considered the floral emblem for Edwardian England. They are the flowers most closely connected to the month of April and have multiple symbolic meanings.

The Miracle and Dangers of Foxglove Flowers

Foxglove flowers have both positive and negative uses and symbolic meanings. They are said to sometimes hurt and sometimes heal. Learn about the power and mystery of this flower.

House Plants – A Love-Hate Relationship

House Plants can bring an incredible amount of joy into one’s life, the reasons for having an indoor garden can be many-fold, but, for the most – it’s just nice to have something vibrant and alive, inside. Be mindful, you cannot just plonk any old plant into a pot and expect it to survive indoors.

Language Of Flowers

Floriography is the age old way of deconstructing the language of flowers. Invented during the 17th Century, Victorians had devised a way to give meaning to every flower species.

Wholesale Garden Decor Shops – A Gardener’s Cost Saving Paradise

A major concern that frequently is made by people who are avid gardeners is the cost associated with garden supplies, tools and products. When it comes to purchasing supplies, tools and products for the yard, gardeners are oftentimes on the hunt for stores and shops that offer them a price break.

The Snowberry Shrub in Landscaping and Gardens

The western snowberry is part of the honeysuckle family. Snowberries are an important source of winter food for birds including quail, pheasant and grouse. Snowberries also had many fascinating uses among Native Americans.

Owl-Clover Wildflowers – A Western Favorite

The owl-clover is a member of the snapdragon family. Owl-clover grows on low ground in dry, open sites such as meadows in most parts of Montana. The owl-clover also grows in Canada, Minnesota, California, Nebraska, New Mexico and northwestern Mexico. The owl-clover is closely related to the Indian paintbrushes and is mentioned in the journal of Meriwether Lewis on July 2, 1806.

Garden Hedges – How to Choose the Right Plant For a Hedge

Not all shrubs and bushes are suited to being grown as a trimmed hedge. This article establishes the criteria by which suitable species should be chosen.

Slug and Snail Control in Your Vegetable Garden

Growing your own food is very rewarding, but fighting the pests in your garden is an annoying problem. So what do you do when the plants are stripped to stalks and the slime trails look like tinsel on a Christmas tree?

3 Simple Backyard Ideas to Try

3 great backyard ideas to… If you’re like many people, you have a blah backyard that could be a lot better. Time to snap to and get busy.

Little Or No Rake Lawn Care And Still Rid Yourself Of Those Leaves

This method of removing those leaves will revolutionize lawn care. It will also save you untold hours of back breaking work. You can spend more time with your family.

Prepping Your Lawns Before the Holidays

Now that the fall season is upon us and you’ve done all the damage control you can from summer’s unfriendly effects, what can you do for your lawn now that will keep it healthy and beautiful? Lawn maintenance is key for the month of November, the focus should be on sprucing up your lawn and doing any necessary leaf cleanup from October’s leaf shedding.

Turn Your Garbage into Valuable Top Soil

Some areas are becoming stricter about how much garbage they will collect as well as what is in it (if they have a re-cycling program). To further add to the garbage problem, burning your household waste outside can be banned in some areas.

How To Have A Great Lawn

Having a great lawn, now your problem will be solved. Today, more and more cities do not allow the selling of pesticides and weed killers.

10 Good Reasons for Building Your Own Raised Bed Garden

In the last article, you learned about the benefits that your garden receives with raised bed gardening. As many as there was, there are also benefits for yourself when you use raised bed gardening.

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