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Making Compost Quickly

Want to learn how to make compost quickly? This article will show you the simple steps that can be taken to get your compost pile cooking. Your gardens will enjoy the benefits of homemade compost.

Conifers: Natural and Beautiful Ways to Use Conifers in the Garden

These days there is no excuse to ignore the amazing range of shapes and colours that conifers offer to the 21st century gardener, nor to see how beautiful conifers can be when growing at their best in natural landscapes.

6 Quick & Easy Gardening Tips To Keep Your Garden Strong & Healthy

To many people caring for their plants causes a lot of anxiety. There is no need to worry as far as house plants are concerned. You only need to keep a few things in mind.

Cottage Gardens

Cottage gardens are to a cottage or rather cottage styled houses. Random and carefree in form and a cluttered look are the characteristics of this type of gardens. A profusion of old-fashioned colorful flowers add life to cottage gardens.

Secrets Behind Low Cost Great Looking Lawns!

Insider secrets to lawn care. It really isn’t one plan fits all!

Fragrant Flowers For Spring

As Spring approaches our enthusiasm for the garden miraculously begins to revive. With choice of scented plants coming into flower at this time of year, as the short list I have put together below from various sources illustrates, it is impossible not to fill your garden with fragrance. As well as those that are well-known (daffodil, lily of the valley, bluebells) I have tried to find a few that may be new to you (they were to me!

Winter Aroma for Your Garden

At this time of year, flowers in the garden are scarce and, with exception of a few hardy souls, the garden is usually a place to avoid until the warmth returns.

What a Can of Worms!

The art of worm composting is known officially as vermicomposting. The common red worm is needed to do the job.The worms can be bought at garden centers, mail order, or online. About 1,000 red worms are needed to start your compost heap. Feed and water your worms well and their castings will make fine compost for you.

5 Vegetable Garden Ideas

Growing a vegetable garden can be more fun if you have a plan for it. If you’re wondering what to grow this year, take a look at these 5 creative ideas for your garden.

Colorado’s Green Industry

The term ‘green industry’ includes everything from nursery and garden centers to landscape care and maintenance. Also included are such fields as golf courses, florists and greenhouses. With so much growth it is important for people to take notice of the many economic contributions the green industry has to offer.

Garden Decking – Add Function to Your Landscape

Garden decking is a landscaping feature which extends the living space of the house outdoors. It is a wooden platform built above the ground and connected to the main building. A railing for safety generally encloses it.

Bonsai Gardening Tips

These simple yet effective bonsai growing tips will help you to grow your own absolutely stunning bonsai trees and enjoy doing it at the same time.

Dog Garden Statues – Have You Thought About It?

Using dog garden statues in your home garden can add some great interest in your garden. Let’s see how to get mot out of garden statues.

4 Things You Should Know About Raising Beef Cows

If you’re a farmer, or you just have a little land and would like to raise some animals, you might want to try your hand at raising some beef cows. That’s right, you can grow a hamburger right in your backyard!

My Hobby Farm

Alf bought my farm in order to enjoy my lifelong passion for growing plants – especially fruit and vegetables. There is also the health aspect resulting from lots of exercise and a chance to get out and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. The senses are certainly sharpened by the ever-changing colours.

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