Gopher Shield Chainmail for Plants

Work Safely In Your Backyard Garden

With a little planning you will be working safe in your backyard garden in no time. Managing a garden has many physically taxing jobs associated with it. Turning soil, planting seeds and weeding are all taxing on the body. Planning your backyard garden design, plants and tool needs before beginning the actual development to help reduce the risk of physical injuries and soreness.

The Secrets Of A Green Lawn Include Proper Watering

Water is an important ingredient for a lush green lawn, find out the right way to water your lawn and have the best landscape in the neighborhood.

Patio Furniture That Will Turn Your Backyard Into Your Outdoor Retreat

A nice backyard is one thing, but an outdoor oasis is another. The right patio furniture and decor will make your backyard your outdoor haven.

Container Gardening – The Fundamentals Towards Attaining A Beautiful Garden

A natural sanctuary can be made by container gardens on balconies, next to rooftops or even in a busy city street.

Come On, Protect Your Piggies and Become a Statistic

With over 80,000 lawn mower injuries each year, simply recommending full safety boots or sturdy shoes doesn’t seem to be working.

Care and Propagation Tips for Your Houseplant

grow your houseplant and propagate them easily. you can exchange, sell or simply put more in your indoor garden.

Greenhouse Kits Vs. Building A Greenhouse From Plans

Which is the best, greenhouse kits or greenhouses that are built from a set of plans? It may depend on several factors which will be discussed in this article. Greenhouse kits are easy, quick, and convenient and you will also be able to get all the other necessities needed at the same time and from the same place.

What Is The Hosta Finder

People who love hostas love the hosta finder as it helps locate the exact nursery that sells the exact type that they would like to buy. The 2006 version of this informative tool was massive and contained over forty one thousand cultivars. The forty one thousand cultivars that are listed in the reference section of the hosta finder are cross-references. You can conduct a search for the cultivar size, color, flower color and also its credits.

Do Hostas Need Winter Care

One of the reasons that hostas are such great low maintenance plants is that they do not require any winter care at all. You do not have to get out any rolls of plastic or stakes as hostas are very strong plants that go dormant in the winter.

The History Of Hostas

The History of hostas begins in Japan. Hosta is a known as giboshi in its country of origin but it is also sometimes spelt as giboushi in some regions. Hostas grow rampant and wild in Japan. Although the plant is also native to Korea and China it is in Japan that you will find the most varieties.

I Bought An Old Farm Tractor – And It Is My Best Toy Ever

I bought my old farm tractor and it is the best toy I ever got for myself. You got to treat this old baby with care. Sometimes you can stretch her, but only after you give her some proper warm up to her engine.

How To Count Hosta Eyes

In the spring, when things are just beginning to warm up and the soil is still cool and moist, hosta lovers go out to count eyes. Gently uncover your hosta beds to reveal the green nubs poking through the soil. Each nub is called an eye, and it is the beginning of a complete set of hosta leaves.

Hostas and Mice! What You Can Do

Ordinary house mice, field mice, garden mice and voles can be major sources of grief in a hosta garden. They are most interested in your hostas during colder seasons when the hostas are dormant. The crown of the hosta in this case serves as a juicy meal for wintering mice.

The Best Hosta Books

A coffee table book is a pretty book that sits on your coffee table. It is good to thumb through when you have a few minutes. It gives your guests something to look at while they are waiting for you to get off the phone or finish dinner or whatever.

The Truth About Hosta Virus X

Hosta Virus X or HVX as it is known by its acronym is a dangerous, contagious virus that is killing hostas in both North America and Europe. It first started showing up in North America about five years ago when mutated looking plants with strange markings and mottled leaves started growing in nurseries and home gardens.

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