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4 Exciting New Hostas Available in 2007

So what is new in the world of hostas for 2007? There are many new varieties available for this year so I will take the time to highlight a few of my favorites. Remember the word favorites is a very loose term when you are dealing with a hosta collector!

Which Hostas are Sun Tolerant?

Although hosta plants are mainly known for their love of shade there are many varieties that are sun tolerant. It used to be that these were mainly the hosta varieties with gold leaves but more hybrids are being developed every year that allow the beautiful hosta plant to tolerate more sunshine.

Which is Better, Bare Root or Potted Hostas?

The great debate. Bare Root or Potted Hostas? Which is the best choice for your average home gardener to purchase? Should you only buy potted plants or should you consider buying bare root hostas as well?

Tips That Can Make Caring For Orchid Plants Easier

Not very many people are willing to even to attempt to grow or care for orchids, as it can be a very daunting task, even for the most skilled gardener. Orchids are very expensive plants to purchase, and since they come from exotic places, can be difficult to care for properly in the more extreme climate of the United States, but it can be done. To really care for your orchids, you have to take the time to learn about them, and their requirements, so that you can provide them with everything they need to grow and be beautiful.

Flower Garden In Winter – Yes It’s Possible!

It would seem odd to see flowers, far less for a whole flower garden in the winter. You might actually think that would be impossible, but it is not if the flowers were artificial. Imagine there’s snow every where and all the trees with no leaves, the grass all around is dead, brown and covered with snow and out of nowhere you see an entire garden filled with all sorts of colorful and healthy looking flowers.

Got Grubs? Managing Lawn Pests Organically

Grubs ruin your lawn and grow up to be Japanese Beetles – here is an organic way to get rid of them.

Growing Thyme

Thymus is a genus of over 400 species of aromatic hardy and non-hardy perennials with very small, fragrant leaves and twiggy stems. Thymes are native to Mediterranean Europe, as far as the British Isles.

Raised Bed Gardening

Information on how to increase the yield of your vegetable garden through the use of a raised bed garden. How the use less garden space with raised bed gardening.

Installing a Professional Water Garden on a Budget

Both purchasing a pond kit and installing a water garden yourself can save you a lot of money. Landscapers usually charge thousands of dollars to install professional liner ponds. In fact, even the supplies that the landscapers provide you with are marked up! Why not purchase the supplies online at significantly discounted prices? With the advent of the Internet, you can now gain access to the same pricing that the landscapers have access to. For further savings, all you need are some friends and family, and some time, you can even complete most, if not all, of the installation yourself.

Enrich Soil Naturally-How To Make Compost

Anyone who prefers to buy their vegetables and flowers from the local grocery store will have a difficult time understanding the gardener’s delight digging into a smelly pile of compost, or having a truck load of manure dumped in their yard. Really, who in their right mind, would pay to have a substance excreted by animals brought to their home?

Proper Tree Pruning

Trees should be pruned before they break their winter dormancy. For those whose trees have been damaged by storms, doing the job correctly can help ensure the survival of landscape trees.

Aromatherapy In The Garden – A Few Tips To Get You On Track

By way of a bit of preparation and scheduled preservation, everybody can harvest aromatherapy pleasure right in their individual backyard. I offer a couple of little tips here to help get you on track.

The Built In Barbecue

Just like a lush green lawn, big shade trees, flowers and a garden a barbecue is a part of the backyard landscape. A built in barbecue takes your backyard landscape one step further, adding a touch of class to your deck or patio.

Building Tips For Screened In Porches

Sitting out on my porch or in my backyard as the sun sets is one of the most pleasant activities that I enjoy in the summer. The temperature has cooled down during this season so I can enjoy being outside without feeling like I am burning up. However, being outdoors in the summer also has its share of downfalls.

Hawaiian Flowers

The flowers found in the Hawaiian Islands include a wide range of orchids, anthurium, and protea. Some of these flowers have become beautiful representatives of the islands. Some have been extensively used in leis. Other stunning flowers have been known throughout the globe because of their bright colors and exotic shapes, reminiscent of the mystique of the islands.

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