Gnat Stix Traps

About What We Call Bonsai Seeds

Do bonsai seeds really exist ? Will it grow a miniature tree ? Answer these question here.

How Genetic Engineering Has Created Large Varieties Of Apple Trees

Because of genetic engineering and importing capabilities, we have worked past the minimal kinds of apple trees, and advanced to many different types of flavors, colors, and apples. Here are five well-loved varieties of apples open to consideration for you apple tree.

How To Properly Care For Your Fruit Trees To Keep Them Healthy

Because the main reason that fruit trees die is due to misunderstandings and common misconceptions, caring for a fruit tree not only requires responsibility, but also semi-extensive research.

First Sign Of Your Lifestyle With Porch Furniture

As you enter the house, the first thing you see is the furniture in the porch and the patio. The first glance at this decides your opinion regarding the house. Hence, the porch furniture should reflect your life style.

Starting Your First Garden

Gardening is a great and fulfilling activity. This article will discuss the basics of starting your first garden.

So You Want To Go Organic Farming

Some of the steps you need to make to start farming organically. This is not text book theory, it is based on practical working knowledge.

How Pollen is Made – from a South African Perspective

All the higher forms of plant life reproduce themselves from seeds. These seeds are produced inside the flower of the plant after it has been fertilized. The stamens and the anthers are extremely important parts of the flower because they produce the pollen.

Cross Pollination & How Plants Attract Insects for Pollination – from a South African Perspective

Everything inside a flower is arranged to make pollination possible. This operation involves the transfer of pollen from the anthers of the stamens to the pistil. It is very rare, however, that the pollen produced by one flower is used to fertilize the pistil in the same flower.

How the Bladderwort & Drosera Catches Its Victims – from a South African Perspective

Early in the summer pretty little bunches of golden-yellow flowers about a centimetre across appear floating on the water of ponds and ditches, This is the Bladderwort, or Utricularia. Droseros is the Greek word for ‘dewy’ and is the first thing that one notices about the Drosera.

Why Trees Change Colour & Lose Leaves in Autumn – from the Desk of Turtle Herb Estate

Every year with the approach of autumn the trees come to their period of rest. Little by little the leaves turn yellow and then curl up and fall to the ground. The tree then remains almost completely inactive until the return of good weather in the spring.

Ornamental Grasses Six Of The Very Best

Ornamental grasses for dry gardens. Six of the very best grasses you can grow in your garden. Undeniably elegant and graceful adding structure and form to a garden. In the breeze they bring movement and sound. Many have beautiful flowers and later seed heads that last right through the winter season

Grow Your Own Tomatoes

Comprehensive advice on how to grow tomatoes at home in the greenhouse or garden from seed or bought plants. How to look after your tomato plants including watering, feeding and pest control.

Organic Farming Made Easy

My introduction to organic farming began two years ago. Times were that trying to say the least at the time. I was living in a small rural farmhouse trying to eek out a living as a handyman. But as the housing boom has faded, and the economy has collapsed, work is scarce. I got a book on organic farming, with the feeling that if I could grow my own food it would alleviate some of my economic worries.

Tips and Advice for Organic Gardening

Organic gardening is a specific type of gardening which greatly reduces the use of pesticides and harsh chemicals, and which tries to provide as many nutrients as possible.

Growing Bamboo And Grasses In The Uk And Temperate Zones

The Pot and Grass Company growing tips and advice for growing bamboo and grasses in the UK. Growing tips for plant care and garden advice on hardy bamboo plants ornamental grasses plus sedges and ferns for contemporary European or prairie plantings bogland wetland areas or gravel and dry gardens.

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