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So What’s All The Fuss About Reel Lawn Mowers – The Push Type Anyway?

What’s making push reel lawn mowers become so popular? Is it just the fact that they’re better on the environment? Here are some more benefits..

Automatic Lawn Sprinklers – What’s Available?

When it comes to automatic lawn sprinklers, you need to know what’s available before you make a buying decision. This article explains what your available options are.

Putting In A Flowerbed

Adding a flowerbed is a great inexpensive way to add some charm to your lawn. This article describes how to put in a flowerbed.

Grow Tomatoes Anywhere

Just because you don’t have room for a big garden doesn’t mean you can’t grow big tasty tomatoes! You can even grow tomatoes if you live in a small apartment. Don’t settle for the tough skinned and tasteless tomatoes you find in the supermarket. With minimal effort you can grow your own!

Best Plant for a Butterfly Garden

Is there one plant that will almost guarantee to attract butterflies to your garden? The answer is yes… and it is a native plant found in most U.S. states and Southern Canada.

3 Tips In Landscaping Your Garden

Landscaping a garden is quite an ominous task which takes a lot of time and energy. However, before you rush off to hire a professional and pay him thousands of dollars, you should take a look at these three tips which will save you both time and money.

Artificial Bonsai Tree

Japanese Bonsai Trees are a beautiful, enchanting, and magical addition to every place, be it indoors or outdoors. But such beauty requires regular and proper care, which often demands much of our attention and time. This can be quite daunting for most individuals.

What Is Butterfly Gardening?

Butterfly gardening refers to growing flowers and plants that attract butterflies. These dainty and colorful creatures can make your garden look beautiful and delightful. However, if you have a cat, do not attempt this type of gardening as the cat will definitely hunt and kill the butterflies.

Easy Tips On How To Care For Your House Plants

When you have a garden, it is usual to worry about your plants. House plants on the other hand require less care but you do need to care for them.

Important Vegetable Gardening Tips

With the cost of living is rising, there is a way to save money and also increase your family’s health. The way is to grow your own vegetables in your backyard. With a vegetable garden you can grow vegetables so that you have different varieties of vegetable in early, middle and late in the season.

The Basics Of Hydroponics Gardening

Hydroponics comes from the Greek word hydro, which means water, and ponos, which means labor. Hydroponics gardening has managed to take gardening to the next level where we can grow plants without using soil. The art of hydroponics allows us to grow any type of plant or crops in nutrient solution without the aid of soil.

Safe Pest Control Tips For Your Garden

Having pests is a part and parcel of having a garden. Pest control is an activity that most gardeners take up on a regular basis. However, when undertaking pest control for a garden, certain safety norms should be followed; not just safety for humans but also for plants and animals.

The Art Of The Knot – Designing An Herb Knot Garden For Beginners

A knot garden is a series of plants set so that when one views them from afar, they form an illusion of patterned rope weaving in and out and around itself. This type of garden emerged during Queen Elizabeth I’s reign, a relative of the “parterre”, Italian/French gardens that were arranged in decorative patterns. A knot garden is an attractive way to plant herbs for your kitchen garden, with small geometric sections of herbs forming a full Celtic style knot.

A Full Guide to Growing Chillies at Home Successfully

There are a few things you need to know about growing chillies from seed that are little known, but can mean the difference between successful growing and a frustrated grower. This guide gives you all you need to start growing today, even if you have never grown chillies before.

Must Have Accessories for Your Next Gardening Project

If you love gardening, you are not alone. In the US, each year millions of Americans indulge in this hobby because they find is relaxing and refreshing. However, if you have been thinking of taking up gardening as a hobby, it is not too late. You will need to buy some gardening accessories to make ensure that they help you achieve better results.

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