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Friday, April 22, 2022

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Gardeners know the difficulties of deciding on crops that will thrive in Oklahoma’s extreme
escalating circumstances. The good news is, the Oklahoma Established plant method can assist with range.

“Oklahoma Proven is a plant advertising application to aid manual gardeners towards proper
back garden alternatives that have been confirmed to mature nicely in Oklahoma’s numerous local climate
and soil styles,” claimed David Hillock, Oklahoma State College Extension client horticulturist. “Each 12 months, a tree, shrub, perennial and yearly are chosen.
This year, we also included what we phone ‘Collector’s Decision,’ which is geared toward
the adventurous gardener and will demand more care.”

The system began in 1999 with tips for a tree, shrub, perennial and once-a-year
worthy of Oklahoma landscapes. Selections for 2022 have been declared and include:
tree — Ginkgo biloba (Maidenhair tree) shrub — Cephalanthus occidentalis (Buttonbush) perennial — Heuchera cultivars (Coral Bells or Alum Root) yearly — Plectranthus scuteleroides (Coleus) and Collector’s Decision — Ungnadia speciosa (Mexican buckeye).

Maidenhair tree

The Maidenhair tree is exclusive in that there’s only one particular species of the genus. Its leaves
have two lobes that are fairly leathery. The tree can attain 50 to 80 feet higher and
30 to 40 ft huge, so web-site selection is significant. They are sluggish growers, having
many years to achieve experienced height. This tree isn’t picky about rising ailments and
tolerates a variety of soil circumstances, earning it a fantastic option for city environments.
Leaves are bright environmentally friendly in the summer, turning a brilliant yellow in the fall.

Maidenhair leavesMaidenhair tree in the fall
The Maidenhair tree is a 2022 Oklahoma Confirmed range.


Buttonbush is a native shrub located growing together streams and lakes across most of
Oklahoma, excluding the panhandle. It normally grows about 5 to 8 toes tall and 4
to 8 feet broad. Gardeners who get pleasure from hummingbirds in the landscape will gain as
the clusters of white, fragrant buttonbush bouquets are appealing to the quickly flyers,
as effectively as other pollinators this sort of as bees and butterflies. This shrub is tolerant
to warmth and soil compaction but does not do nicely in dry soil. It is a terrific selection
for a rain, pollinator or indigenous backyard garden.

Buttonbush shrubButtonbush flower
The buttonbush is a 2022 Oklahoma Tested selection.

Coral bells

Coral bells are a versatile perennial indigenous to North The us with appealing evergreen
foliage and bell-shaped bouquets, which vary in shade from pink to purple and white and
are favored by butterflies and bees. Some crops characteristic showy leaves with marbled
patterns, remarkable veining and ruffled edges. They improve finest in element shade, but several
will increase in complete sunlight if properly watered. After established, coral bells are quite
drought tolerant nonetheless, due to a shallow root system, these crops need to be watered
regularly all through dry spells. Coral bells may possibly will need to be divided periodically to continue to keep
them vigorous and wholesome. Incorporate a light layer of mulch around the plant in the winter season
to secure the roots from freezing.

Coral bell plantClose-up view of coral bell leaves
The coral bell plant is a 2022 Oklahoma Confirmed choice.


Coleus is a time-honored once-a-year that is varied and complete of character. It features
great foliage hues, designs and kinds and has ordinarily been known as a superior
selection for shady places in the landscape or as a residence plant. Having said that, many cultivars
are now complete sunshine tolerant. Much too a lot shade will make the plant leggy. Retain the soil
moist. It’s a excellent collection for a border, hanging basket or container. If grown
indoors, preserve it in close proximity to a window for vibrant sunlight.

Mass planting of coleus plantsClose-up view of coleus leaves
The coleus plant is a 2022 Oklahoma Demonstrated range.

Mexican buckeye

Flowers on the Mexican Buckeye
Mexican Buckeye is a 2022 Oklahoma Tested variety.

The Mexican buckeye is a good decision for the adventurous gardener. This multi-stemmed
substantial shrub or small tree reaches 15 to 30 ft tall and about 20 toes wide. Indigenous
to west/central Texas, Mexico and New Mexico, its aromatic pink flowers bloom as it
leafs out. It can be used as a multi-trunk shrub or experienced into a little tree. It
is quite drought tolerant and actually prefers dry locations, building it a wonderful choice
for central and western Oklahoma.

The Oklahoma Demonstrated web-site has been revamped and attributes photographs of all the 2022 picks, as properly
as supplemental information about each and every plant. Also obtainable on the site are vibrant photographs
and descriptions of Oklahoma Established selections from 1999 to 2021.

“We all know gardening in Oklahoma is a combination of knowledge and good luck,” Hillock
mentioned. “Choosing vegetation from the Oklahoma Demonstrated picks is a great initially action towards
a successful expanding season.”

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