Gardens of Gonzales tickets on sale

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The to start with once-a-year Gardens of Gonzales tour tickets are now on sale at the new offices of Gonzales Chamber of Commerce located at 304 Saint Louis Avenue, at Laurel Ridge positioned at 827 Saint Joseph Street, and on the net at

You can tour afternoons 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday, May well 7 and Sunday, Could 8. Readers can tour either days or the two. All the proceeds go to the redevelopment and ongoing maintenance of the butterfly garden at the corner of Saint Paul and Saint Louis Streets.

It has been a challenging season for gardening achievements. Initially there was two years in a row of Terrific Texas Freezes. Then, this year it stopped raining appropriate at the start out of the expanding year. But the gardens are to be opened ideal on program due to the perseverance of a handful of historic dwelling owners and avid gardeners.

This hearty handful believe that in sharing all the amazing items that Gonzales has to present, like their personal yard areas. The thought for a backyard tour sprang from of the desire of so any of the people from close to and far who tour these residences throughout the Winterfest. Site visitors would gaze out the window at the bleak and brown gardens and sigh, “Oh, I’d love to see these gardens in the spring.” Perfectly, now they can!

The first once-a-year Gardens of Gonzales Tour takes location this weekend. And it is a excellent time to start out a new tradition, as Mother’s Day weekend is the great time to do a little something unique with Mom.

It is the ideal time to choose your Mother who enjoys to dig in the filth and your Mom who loves the tiniest flower that blooms to the initially yearly Gardens of Gonzales Tour. You and she actually are entitled to a take care of in these unique retreats that the Gardens of Gonzales have to supply.

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