Gardening work opportunities to do in Might – ‘spruce up’ your crops, decking and furniture before summer

Plant summer season bedding

Summer season bedding can be extra to beds, borders and even hanging baskets appropriate now.

This is a excellent addition to any backyard to incorporate a pop of seasonal colour, whilst making a more numerous display in your garden.

Make your garden far more varied

Terry Smithson, Biodiversity Supervisor at BioScapes stated: “Generally, the a lot more complicated an ecosystem is, the extra efficiently it can respond and flex to new challenging situations.

“Adding construction, with deciduous shrubs, longer grass and wilder parts can make areas of dappled mild or darker shade where by sunlight can warm the floor in spring and, as the cover will come into leaf, protect the floor from summer season drought.”

Encouraging native species these types of as bluebells, anemones and even wild garlic can all be carried out before summer arrives
Not only will this include a pop of colour to your borders, it will also give a tasty addition to your seasonal salads.

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