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When Muskogee Learn Gardeners met not too long ago, they read a lesson about how to correctly develop azaleas. They could not have had a greater instructor than Ray Wright, owner of Inexperienced State Landscaping. He has been increasing Muskogee’s revered flower for much more than 50 percent a century. 

Maybe the credential that sets him apart from other area azalea growers is he assisted plant quite a few of the azaleas that bloom every single spring at Honor Heights Park. So, if you want to test your yard gloves at planting azaleas, listed here are Ray’s tried and genuine tips. The very first suggestions is priceless. 

“You will need to dig a $10 gap for a $5 azalea.“

Remove Bermuda grass roots and weeds just before planting. Do not hoe or dig about the plant as this will destruction the azalea’s shallow root system.

Azaleas require at the very least 3 several hours of sunlight everyday in the escalating period to bloom. They like potent light in the early morning filtered to significant shade in the afternoon.

They need to have a well-drained acidic soil as they are a pretty shallow rooted plant. Ray implies planting in Canadian Spaghum Peat Moss and sand relatively than filth.

Prune to command sizing. Never ever prune right after July 1.

Mulch the plant with rotted pecan shells, cypress mulch ground pine bark, to continue to keep moisture in the floor. He cautioned: “Do not use black organic peat as it does not sufficiently acidify the soil.”

Use azalea fertilizer at 50 percent the proposed charge 7 to 10 times in advance of blooming. Apply the 2nd software at fuller energy immediately after blooms die.

Azaleas like rainwater and like to be watered two times a week.

Include mulch every single tumble.

Prune to command dimension. Under no circumstances prune just after July 1.

Ray listed 8 scarce and abnormal kinds that do perfectly in Oklahoma’s local climate: El Frida, Janet Rhea, Ben Morrison, Orange Cup, Dayspring, Rosea, Dialogue Piece and Midnight Flare. He also pressured that his landscaping business enterprise grows approximately 90 “tried and true” confirmed and hardy versions.

He also included this caution note: “Beware of azaleas that are shipped in from southern Gulf States. They might search pretty, but they also might not be acclimated to this spot.”

For additional details about the Muskogee Region Grasp Gardeners, call the OSU Extension Business office: (918) 686-7200.

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