Gardening with Jo: Trees for a rationale

We are typically asked for trees that display or slice out sounds, and have arrive up with the subsequent list, to with any luck , go over the most important situations our consumers come upon. We think of this as ‘trees for a reason’, or to fit a function

Screening & privacy

Portuguese Laurel or Prunus Lusitanica Angustifolia is a wonderful plant for so a lot of employs. It has darkish inexperienced, lengthy and somewhat pointed leaves on prosperous crimson stems, pretty like the colours of the Portuguese flag! it is indigenous to Southern France, Northern Spain and Portugal.

As very well as staying a quite common selection for hedging, it is also an best species for escalating as larger sized pieces of topiary or as a regular tree. It is a genuinely practical tree to create privateness over a wall or hedge that grows normally into a spherical condition and grows well with tiny challenges.

The Lollipop shaped trees can be developed in pots or planters as effectively as in the open ground and can produce attractive large specimens with the correct amount of pruning. We enjoy them clipped into dome shapes about time which makes a great formal glimpse, reminiscent of Victorian estate gardens.

Seaside & coastal internet sites

Quercus Ilex helps make a robust and sturdy barrier, it is hardy and thrives in all well-drained soils. It is ideal for coastal regions, tolerates shade and copes well with air pollution. It also has a medium growth price (20 – 30 cm/year) which responds well to trimming.

A significant tree with appealing, corrugated bark and leathery evergreen leaves, it requires its name from Ilex which is the Latin name for holly. The leaves are glossy, dark green previously mentioned and pale whitish-gray with dense brief hairs under. Developing edible acorns in autumn, it is gradual developing and tolerant of normal pruning, and when left to acquire by natural means, will inevitably sort a incredibly huge tree.

Fagus Sylvatica, or Beech, both in tree or hedge sort, is a well-known but glorious sight all around the state and is an incredibly smart selection for a hedge and windbreak. It is semi-evergreen with its placing autumn / winter colours and also as a tree has the extra profit of supplying some coverage in the winter months with no the rate tag of the evergreen selections. It is, even so, sluggish expanding so except if you are incredibly patient then we would suggest a slightly bigger size.

Windy & exposed sites

Alnus Cordata or Italian Alder is a massive, vigorous deciduous tree with rounded environmentally friendly leaves and long, up to 10cm, catkins. Its a excellent tree for a shelter belt and isn’t notably fussy as to its soil. The Italian Alder grows in extra of 12metres significant in eventual peak and can take an uncovered posture.


Cotoneaster Cornubia is a vigorous, semi-evergreen tree or shrub. It can be grown as a hedge screen or as a tree. It grows to close to 7 metres tall and presents 12 months spherical interest, darkish eco-friendly leaves, white clusters of flowers at mid summer time and masses of crimson berries in autumn when the leaves flip yellow. This is also a excellent tree for screening.

Pyracantha Red Coumn / Red Firethorn creates a dense and spiny evergreen hedge with bunches of compact white flowers in summer and a outstanding present of round pink berries in autumn. Liked by birds, it is upright routine will make it best as a hedge, or for training towards a wall. It is quick escalating so will include pretty promptly to an eventual height of all around 8-9 feet, spreading even wider.

Sound Barrier

Pinus Sylvestris, or Scotch Pine, have been developed in our fields in Caragh, generating them strong and bulky. Their needled blue eco-friendly foliage and orange burnt purple bark tends to make a attractive contrast.

The trunk is simply recognisable with a rugged texture, turning reddish brown near the leading as it matures. Elevated above a tall trunk sits the bushy, upright crown that is host to dozens of gray-brown pine cones acquiring from the feminine bouquets. With a experienced height in surplus of 10metres, this conifer is suited to substantial gardens or woodland options. For a small backyard garden, you may perhaps want to glance at our other Pine trees. The progress amount of Pinus Sylvestris is comparatively rapidly for a conifer producing it suitable for a audio barrier, screening and as a boundary tree.

Thuja Plicatta, or Western Pink Cedar, is identical seeking to Leylandii but not very as rapid escalating so less complicated to maintain. Thuja have thick, olive green foliage that creates an suitable seem barrier as properly as a dense privateness screen.

Big web pages

Quercus Robur, or Irish Oak, is a wonderfully rugged and quite handsome deciduous tree supplying a abundant habitat for other crops and valuable source of foodstuff for wildlife. It in the end turns into a significant tree with a wide head of spectacularly spreading branches filled with compact clusters of catkins every spring. Masses of acorns follow in beautiful autumn tints of vibrant yellow and russet brown. Perfect for bigger gardens and open up spaces.

Tilia Greenspire is a small-leaved lime selection. It is an upright, neatly round-headed tree that generates sweet scented flowers in spring. With coronary heart-formed glossy eco-friendly leaves with a pale underside, its a excellent quick escalating selection for urban configurations

Prunus Avium – the Wild Cherry is one particular of the terrific glories of the woodland in spring, and helps make an exceptional specimen tree. Its distinctive spreading branches are laden with masses of bowl-shaped white flowers in April and May possibly, and its autumn overall performance is no considerably less breathtaking when the leaves flip fiery pink and orange. With shining reddish-brown bark and a broadly conical condition, this tree has a whole lot to offer you in wintertime as well.

Compact web-site

Prunus Yoshimo is an best little garden tree that is broad spreading. The Yoshimo cherry (cultivated for generations in Yoshimo, Japan and released to Europe and The united states in 1902) is now just one of the most well known flowering cherries all over the world. It has delicate, solitary white, sometimes blush, flowers in March-April that have a subtle, almond-like scent and arise in a cloud of very well packed clusters.


Salix Babylonica, or Weeping Willows are also effectively identified to enjoy wet soil and are just one of people tree species that have captured the creativity of artists down by the centuries. Up coming to rivers and lakes, they develop such a focal level. In the winter season landscape the Weeping Willows stay exclusive because of to their vibrant drooping orange twigs, contrasting in opposition to the dark bark of the trunks. As the days lengthen to spring, that orange color turns a beautiful limey green.

Willows are amazingly speedy rising, and build into a large tree over time. They need loads of home as their unfold is substantial way too, approximately 10metres tall and just as vast.

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