Gardening with Galligan: What operates about winter

The late Carol Galligan, who died in October 2020 at age 88, wrote a standard “Gardening with Galligan” column encouraging Island gardeners to make the most of each individual period. We reprint the column beneath to offer her text of encouragement to those whose green thumbs may perhaps be itching for more action in the cold, darkish times of wintertime.

All about me, I listen to problems about how early it gets dark and so I create the adhering to in an endeavor to encourage you how fantastic the dim truly is. When it is dim, you can not perform outside the house — is not that wonderful?

With a flawlessly clear conscience, you can sit down at 5 o’clock, some thing I truly love to do. You can make a hearth, pour a glass of white wine and set your feet up on the fireplace, much more things I adore to do. You cannot do that in July! It is nevertheless mild outside the house at 5 o’clock, a good deal of time to get some weeding in.


If you think of the dark as “undemanding,” you will be on your way to earning pals with it. Since it’s a very substantial part of our life, which is a excellent point to do. Two supplemental text come to thoughts when imagining about the darkish — the initially is dormancy and the next is hibernation.

Plants go dormant, animals hibernate. Do you assume they are hoping to tell us one thing? Dormancy is outlined as a time when progress and advancement are temporarily stopped, therefore aiding an organism to preserve electrical power. Sounds great to me.

Hibernation is a system that mammals use to escape each cold weather conditions and foods shortages we really don’t have to stress about the latter, but all over again, “escaping chilly-weather” seems rather awesome.

I know there are persons and spots where by seasons don’t materialize, and the people who stay there really like it that way, which I discover really remarkable. When my son lived in California, I would go to the moment or 2 times a calendar year, and the sight of a morning glory vine, as thick as my wrist, would prevent me in my tracks.

I did not know they could do that, but the actuality is, they can. Not right here, of course. Our plants are “dreaming deep.” My fellow gardeners, test to love the darkish. We require to relaxation as nicely.

Consider about employing your back garden time in a way that, though you’re not gardening, will assistance your backyard garden when following you do. If you are not computer literate, you are lacking an overall world of pleasure and information and facts. All the things you ever desired to know about a plant can be at your fingertips.

I don’t want to listen to everything about age. I am more mature than pretty much all of you and if I can do it, so can you.

You will be so satisfied when you get in excess of being scared of it. When you obtain out what you have been lacking, you are going to be aggravated with oneself for not setting up faster.

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