Gardening With Allen: Know appropriate time to plant bulbs

I have noticed tuberous begonia, lily, dahlia and gladiolus bulbs for sale in neighborhood merchants. Can they all be planted outdoors now?

Flower bulbs in good shape into two simple classes: tender bulbs that can be weakened by frost and must not be planted outside the house right until late May well, and hardy bulbs that can be planted whilst the soil is even now cool and frost can be anticipated.

Tuberous begonia bulbs (tubers) are tender and need to be planted inside as before long as achievable. The concave part of the bulb need to be positioned up. This is the aspect where the shoots are located. The roots arrive out of the convex (rounded) base of the bulb. Begonias need to be planted with an inch or fewer of soil masking the tuber. Begonias can be transplanted outside the house when shoots are only a couple of inches extensive in late May perhaps or early June.

Dahlia bulbs are also tender. The very best treatment with dahlias is to plant just one bulb (tuber) for each 6-inch or 1-gallon pot. Plant so that the eye or rising factors are an inch down below the area with the slender tubers pointing down deeper into the soil.

Lily and gladiolus bulbs are hardy and can be planted outside by mid-April. Lilies are so hardy that they can be still left in the floor through the wintertime. They can be planted in spring or slide. If planted now, they will build a superior root process and emerge from the ground in about a few to four months. Gladiolus bulbs can be planted from mid-April till June in buy to distribute out their flowering times. If you approach to use your glads as lower flowers, make at least 3 plantings at a few week intervals to give you cut bouquets over a extended time time period.

Other summer season flowering bulbs that can be planted now contain anemones, ranunculus and calla lilies. All a few furthermore gladiolas, begonias and dahlias will freeze if still left in the floor over winter. They must be dug in the fall in early Oct and stored in dry vermiculite in a great, dim place.

Practically all of these bulbs can be ordered as presently growing plants in pots in May possibly. On the other hand, the price tag will be greater than if you obtain them as bulbs.

Late April is also a very good time to plant greens developed from roots or bulbs these types of as onion sets and asparagus.

Onions are hardy to frost. Potato tuber sprouts can be weakened by frost, but it can take about a few weeks for them to emerge from the soil. So they can be planted in early to mid-Could

This is also a superior time to plant fruits like strawberries, raspberries, currants and bare-root fruit trees. Bare-root fruit vegetation are less costly than potted plants, which will be available later. They also get a much better commence when the weather conditions and soil are cooler.

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