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Pricey Heloise: I like gardening, but I are living on the next ground of an apartment making and want to increase points on my patio. I never have place for grime and rocks, and when I repot a plant it is this kind of a mess. Any hints for me? — Anna D., Blacksburg, Virginia

Anna, get a medium-dimensions box and fold the bottom shut, but do not tape it shut. Area all your potting soil, rocks, etc., in there and repot your crops in the box. When you might be done, shake out the excess dust and leaves from the bottom of the box. Then flatten the box together the corner folds and shop underneath a mattress or in a closet for the upcoming time you want to repot a plant. By the way, this box trick also can be utilised to spray-paint a scaled-down object. — Heloise

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Expensive Heloise: Do I have to commence my avocado seed in a glass of water? — Tracy H., Clovis, New Mexico

Tracy, no, you don’t have to use a glass of water. You can use a pot of soil, but hold the dust damp. You can use any container to get your avocado tree commenced. I’ve utilized an empty cottage cheese container with holes punched in the bottom for drainage. After the avocado has a stem that is about 3 to 4 inches or taller, repot to a greater container to allow for the roots to expand. — Heloise

Expensive Heloise: My spouse and I imagine in cutting down our carbon footprint, so we use fabric diapers in its place of disposable types. I clean out my baby’s diapers, but on lousy temperature times I have to dry them indoors, and I really don’t have sufficient places to hold them to dry. I’m generally running out of diapers since there just aren’t adequate clear, dry diapers. Enable! — Barbara N., Everett, Washington

Barbara, hold your baby’s diapers on hangers on the shower curtain rod. You must be able to line up a good deal of them on the rod that way. If they appear to be to dry way too slowly, you can use a hair dryer or a transportable floor heater to assist cut down the drying time. But be very watchful with the ground heater and don’t get it as well close to any cloth materials. — Heloise

Dear Heloise: My children adore board games, and in the evenings we usually participate in board games. Regrettably, the boards appear to be to get filthy and alternatively defeat-up wanting in a shorter time. Is there any way we can prevent this difficulty? — Jordan S., Logan, Utah

Jordan, use a can of apparent spray varnish (matte is finest). Spray the board, together with the edges, a few of instances with a thin spray just about every time. That need to slow down the deterioration of your board game titles. — Heloise

Dear Heloise: My 5-calendar year-old son drags home very little “treasures” he finds and insists on exhibiting them all more than the household. I like rather rocks, chicken feathers and bird’s nests, far too, but not on my espresso desk. What can I do with these unwelcome objects? — Lisa G., Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Lisa, make a place in your son’s home to exhibit his tiny treasures. And clarify to him that this is the selected spot to screen them. It will be his special spot. — Heloise

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