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In my very last column, I talked about pollinators and how important they are. Claire Moody of the Tillamook Beekeepers Association also had a pleasant guest editorial in that similar edition about remaining a beekeeper. She supplied plenty of tips about maintaining bees and inspired gardeners to discover beekeeping by heading to for a lot more details.

But individuals of us who really don’t want to get into trying to keep honey bees can also do a variety of issues to draw “wild” bees to our gardens. For example, the shy but successful mason bee is uncomplicated to tempt to the back garden. Just about every creature needs the essential 3 matters to endure: water, a trustworthy source of food, and a safe and sound shelter to increase their people. Mason bees are no various and we can support them by catering to their requires.

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Water can be in the type of a fountain, pond or even a chook tub. That’s effortless. Pay back consideration to preserving the h2o resource clean up and refreshed. That could mean cleaning each working day or every 7 days, depending on the form of drinking water source.

Food items arrives in the type of plants that bees like for their pollen. For mason bees, the food items supply demands to be within 300 ft of their nests since that is the top length they will vacation. There is a extensive range of good nectar-making perennials. Indigenous wildflowers are best, but if you test poppies, alyssum, brown-eyed Susans, and asters you will have a extensive year of pollinating blooms.

As to shelter, mason bees like cracks and crevices. But to attract them in, you can uncover premade mason bee properties or designs for building your have on-line. I know numerous Tillamook gardeners who have installed residences for mason bees with great achievements. Attracting mason bees is a way to have pollinators that does not entail actual bee hives. Mason bees are popular for staying non-intense even though even now becoming fantastic pollinators. There are more than 130 different styles of mason bees just in North The united states. Just one of the most appealing information about mason bees is that they are solitary bees so just about every feminine is a queen bee and given that there are no employee bees, each queen will make her have nest.

Mason bees will lay their eggs in the spring and by August, the bees have reached full dimensions. But then they hibernate for the winter season. When the climate warms in the spring, the bees emerge as grown ups. The males arise 1st and wait for the women to emerge so they can be fertilized.

A woman mason bee will live about six to eight months and can lay about 15 eggs in the tubes throughout her lifespan. Male mason bees stick close to only about two weeks, and after they have fertilized the females, they die. (You can tell a male since he will have a white nose.) Immediately after the females are fertilized, they get to perform to establish or obtain nests for the eggs. The girls will search for pollen and it will take about 1800 visits to flowers to acquire plenty of pollen for just one egg. Ms. Mason Bee undoubtedly is a hard employee!

Every single nest seems like a hollow tube about the sizing of a pencil. The moment the feminine has located a ideal tube, she gathers some pollen, stuffs that in the nest, lays an egg and packs the tube with mud. Then she returns for much more pollen, lays a different egg in yet another tube and packs that tube all over again with mud. The queens will repeat this approach till all their eggs are laid and tucked away with mud. Thus, the title “mason bee.” So, a source for mud as properly as drinking water is practical, as well. Though they are solitary bees, the ladies really do not seem to be to brain sharing their housing and so many bees will established up nests in the similar “condo.”

Location the mason bee dwelling near to plants that will need pollinating, like in the vicinity of the vegetable backyard or orchard. Preserving it elevated at least 4 to 10 toes and away from predators is a fantastic thought as properly. Morning solar will assist the house remain heat and it also demands to be guarded from rain and wind.

There are cost-free programs on-line for building your personal mason bee rental or you can obtain kits and completely ready-designed houses at They selection in price tag from $13 for a 52-tube nest package to $60 for a completely ready-built cedar housing with 195 tubes. Kinsman also sells 100 substitute tubes for about $15. They are also out there on other web-sites like Gardeners Source.

An uncomplicated way to make your possess is to just take a 4” x 4” x 14” pine post and a 5/16 drill bit and drill a sequence of holes about 3” deep. Pine is finest as cedar, redwood, and dealt with lumber are poisonous to bugs, such as bees. You can make the holes in a random pattern or a sequence of rows and columns. This is your personalized selection as the bees are not at all fussy about the layout of their homes.

I consider I am going to consider to catch the attention of mason bees to my yard this spring. From what I have study, if you make them a household, it doesn’t just take extensive for them to set up their nests. It is type of like “build it and they will come.”

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