Gardening: How to get rid of foxes from your backyard – major strategies

Nicola Jane stated: “Male urine. Get a male to fill a jug and sprinkle round the back garden in watering can. Has worked for me.”

Moira Hunter replied: “Men’s urine! We backed onto woods and experienced terrible problems.

“Farmer told us this and it operates. Get hubby in the garden!”

Helen Calver commented: “Mens’ wee scattered about where they go. Performs, consider me.”

Tracey Searson replied: “Human hair and male urine.”

Employing male urine to oust foxes from the backyard is an previous wives’ tale that has been made use of for yrs.

In simple fact, the London Wildlife Trust claimed the “wee rumour is true”.

They explained to Time Out journal: “The sturdy scent from human male urine (and only male urine) masks a male fox’s pungent scent, and can frequently power them out.”

However, some specialists are significantly less selected about the method’s efficacy.

Andy Bool, the chief executive of the Mammal Culture, claimed thoughts on no matter whether it functions or not are “mixed”.

He mentioned: “Basically, it depends on the unique fox as to irrespective of whether it will be efficient, and it could possibly only have a short term influence.

“So, possibly not the ideal deterrent, but the concept of trying to prevent them with a sort of territorial smell is possibly a reasonable just one.”

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